sonic 3d stage recreation, Luis Tejeda (3D)


Title: sonic 3d stage recreation
Name: Luis Tejeda
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay


Tired of doing always the same works, I was looking for something different for my portfolio.

I like Sonic since a was a kid and after thinking for a while for my next rendering I wanted to do something like this. Just recreating a sonic stage in 3d, trying to get a new and more modern feeling.

I used 3d max, vray and photoshop for this work.

Copyright is of course for Sega, I mention it just in case. This is just a sample for my portfolio.

Thanks for watching!


hehe nice job very nice memory :wink: Keep it up


Outstanding! I love the concept. I am redoing Blaster Master and MegaMan 2 for the NES, myself.

You pulled this off really well. My only suggestion is to do a widescreen high def setup like if Sonic were released today for the very first time… :slight_smile: It’s great that people revisit childhood memories and update them.


hey thanks for your comments. I did a different version too, same scene but trying to recreate that sonic’s world is really tiny, at least I like the effect :-).


My only problem with this image is that Sonic is in a very odd pose, and doesn’t appear to be running. Otherwise, I love it!


same here. I love everything about this image, how it looks to be a photo of a tv screen, the idea, details, use of DOF, all that. But Sonic does deserve a better pose. Make him spinning, even, but please fix his pose, I beg you!:smiley:



good stuff.


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