Sonhus, The Nightmare God, Jr.braz (3D)


Title: Sonhus, The Nightmare God
Name: Jr.braz
Country: Brazil
Software: 3dsmax 6 And Photoshop

The history of the character:
Nobody knows his name or orign. Some civilizations say he exist before our world, since a time where the dreams was the reality.
With the arrive of a New God, more powerful than Sonhus, like he was been named, lost his world, that was transformed in the reality that we actualy know. In his world was created the Planet Earth, and the First Man, Adan. Furios with this change, Sonhus try to kill Adan, the first man, in a moment Adan was sleeping. When Sonhus touch with his blade the neck of Adan, the new God lock him in a eternal prision in the Human Inconcient. From where appear for us in ours nightmares, always trying to revenge, and escape trought the doors of ours souls.
C&C are welcome.

>> Hi resolution image <<


none said anithing about it yet???
It looks realy surrealistic! nice concept and nice rendering.

NICE JOB!!! KEEP DOING!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


i like it! looks really weird and the atmosphere is really good…


I always liked ur style JR , best luck to u!!!


I like this as well. It has substance.


Hi, thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

Thanks MoX&Dana, honkie, BartokDesign (valeu pela força) and Joss.

Here are a version without noise effect, no-noise version (I prefer this one)

And here are the wires of the scene:


And here, details of the character and the bear


great work man !!!:thumbsup:


Thanks Man.

Valeu pela força :slight_smile:


No more comments? :shrug:


Oh dammed. It’s terrible can’t edit the post …

Please see this version:


Very very nice! Isn’t really haunting my dreams, but it’s very nice indeed.


Well done. I like the surrealism portrayed. Good Job!


Thanks Parrot. Who knows One day, he could find you :eek: … hehehe


Thanks Masuhito. Surrealism is my prefer art style. :thumbsup:


Hi Joao!

Great Image! Great Concept!

I like a lot of the fur for the grass! Great bear too! Great cloth bump on the Character!
I Really like the upside down trick of the image! Fit great on the concept!

My 2 cents! The hands should be more flexible! And the character pose could have a better arc of motion (flow)!

Great Job Joao! You are studing hard, my friend!



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