"Song of the South" airing in the UK


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Song Of The South gets another UK airing
One of Walt Disney’s most cherished (by those who have seen it) and much requested (by those who haven’t) films, Song Of The South, will be showing on BBC 2 next Thursday, 5 August, at 11am. This will be the second time within a year that the film has been screened on the channel - more details as they are confirmed.

Someone please tape this. I’ve been looking to see this film for the last three years with no luck. In the USA, this film is avoided by television stations (and Disney in general) like the plague.


jaw drops… lucky lucky lucky


when was this film created? I don’t think I have even heard of it…


What a shame. Song of the South is truly one of the best (and most unique) Disney films ever made. It really bothers me that Disney is choosing to be so annoyingly PC about this. That film is a part of thier legacy, and it’s a real shame that they seem to want to forget that it even exists.

Anyway, here’s a British site that sells a DVD and/or VHS copy:


I’m seriously thinking about ordering the DVD. Even though it’s a tad pricy, I’ve heard of it going for MUCH more. If anyone picks this up, please let me know how the picture and sound quality are.


BTW, the film was released in 1946. I remember seeing parts of it on TV a long time ago. It’s a great mix of live action and animation.

Zipa-Dee-Do-Dah-Day! :thumbsup:


Lucky! This was one of my favorites while growing up. It really does suck about Disney being so anal about avoiding this one, but then, not entirely surprising. :frowning:


I can’t wait! The Disney Uncle Remus tales book was my favorite as a child, but have never seen the film. :bounce:


If anyone is able to record it, I could convert it to dvd :wink:


Ahhh, proud owner if the widescreen Laserdisc version.


Excuse the ignorance, but why is it being avoided by Disney etc - are there cultural references which are a bit close to the bone?

Looks pretty sweet, I’ll see if I can’t record this one…


Honestly this is the only reason to see this film:

Special Effects by
Ub Iwerks … special photographic processes

Visual Effects by
Brad Case… effects animator
Blaine Gibson… effects animator
Joshua Meador… effects animator
George Rowley… effects animator

Other crew
Hal Ambroanimator
Mary Blair… color stylist
Jack Campbellanimator
Les Clarkanimator: minor animals
Claude Coats… color stylist
Al Coeanimator
Marc Davisdirecting animator
Al Dempsterbackground artist
Ray Huffinebackground artist
Ralph Hulettbackground artist
Ollie Johnstondirecting animator
Milt Kahldirecting animator

If you’re hoping for some amazing Disney film, you might be [font=Times New Roman]disappointed. It’s a bit on the boring side…[/font]


Don’t forget! Song Of The South airs in the UK tomorrow!

Just a quick reminder of news we posted last week that BBC 2 will be showing Walt Disney’s Song Of The South tomorrow, at 11am on Thursday, August 5th. Though the film is unavailable officially and is rarely seen, this marks the seond time in a year that the channel has run it in a remastered print. Still hope for a DVD, then?


I remember seeing parts of it growing up but don’t remember much. Then a friend at college downloaded alot of the audio. I realized things in there now that I didn’t realize back when I was like 3. There is a few parts where they refer to certain racial communities in derogatory ways. I would say… however then I might get banned. Keep in mind, they don’t blantantly do it… however if you know the terms then you can put 2 and 2 together.


Pretty much as I remember too. The sad thing is that those parts are historically accurate considering the time frame and location the movie takes place in

Too bad. Brer Rabbit was allways my favorite as a kid. I always thought the “Tar Baby” story was uber cool.


Well I’m going to have to record it now, if only to find out what the fuss is about :wink:


it’s a great movie, and a fine showcase for James Baskett (who i believe got an oscar for his performance in this). it’s no more or less stereotyping than tom sawyer or huck finn or any other “great american classic”. it saddens me when we see pc culture’s revisionism. oh, and i believe that in the states it’s rather more than simply “avoided” it’s actually been banned!



Have you tried Ebay? There are loads of copies available, various different prices.

Check here for more - http://search.ebay.co.uk/Song-of-the-South_W0QQsoloctogZ9

I’ll record it ‘digital’ tomorrow morning! Might be able to wake it on to DVD :slight_smile:



Crap, I forgot to set my video recorder, even after the reminder!


i’m sky plusing it right now…


sorry but i have to say that I beleive Disney is being smart about it. In an age when people are suing for their coffe being too hot, and class action lawsuits are being filed to change master/slave wording on hard drives - well, what other choice is there when it comes to a movie like this… sure its a masterpeice and one of the most beautiful films they ever made, but its also HEAVILY weighted in stereotypes and things that would be considered racially offensive today. this society has become overly sensitive and whether its wrong or right, it has happened and thats that. If you owned a multi billion dollar entertainment corporation, youd prolly make the same decsion


I couldn’t agree more. People need to stop being so PC about everything. I mean our history has made us who we are.