Song Hye Kyo, Max Edwin Wahyudi (3D)


Brother, Nothing to say A perfect real look:thumbsup: Never see such type of realistic work.
5 star from my side.:applause:


most realistic human head EVER! but unfortunately it looks nothing like the real song hye kyo.


That looks absolutely freaking gorgeous but I do have one crit in that her jaw proportion looks kinda wide… or something about the face makes her look a bit more “manly” than womanly… but sweeeet !@#$. That’s a gorgeous rendering!


i have actually been admiring your work especially this piece for a while now. Front page very well deserved! congrats! the model is simply beautiful and stunning. I personally think you nailed it so well! inspiring level of realism.
Great work!



That’s really impressive, one of the best CG characters I’ve seen. Superb modelling (great how she’s not symmetrical and is slightly posed). Really wonderful work. I thought the earlobes looked really huge but I don’t know the original actress so maybe that’s how she looks?

Well deserved plug



damn! I’m deeply impressed. she looks SO alive! long time since I last thought that. congrats.


Fantastic work mate. This is a real inspiration.


Impressive… :thumbsup:


-O-, chocking on a fly…


really top notch stuff.

one thing is unsettling though; the ear lobes are a tad off.


WOW!! Now that is truly spectacular!!

I truly thought that was a photograph when I saw it in the Plugged section and it still looks like one, EVEN close up!! Dang…that is soo amazing, if you don’t have a job as a modeler already, you could certainly get one with that model!


awesome work man!! from the thumbNail on the frontPage, I thought it was a photo…lol…4real!!!


I think I can safely say that that’s the most realistic human I’ve seen here.

Great work! :thumbsup:


Guys…can we stop posting photos here…:rolleyes::thumbsup:

Im amazed…


*OHHHH…I cant believe my eyes:eek::eek:, but after i saw the WIP!!!..Its so Impressive:bounce:


Yeah, that’s right, the most vbeautiful CG girl I’ve ever seen too !
I have already seen your work on the wip and maybe Zbrushcentral too.
A great work, modeling is nice but texturing and rendering are great !
5 stars because it’s the maximum on CGsociety but it would deserve more ! :applause:


oh man… this is crazy! I just can’t believe I’m looking at CG human. It looks so realistic, definitely 5 stars from me! I’ve dig your wip thread, just one word “Wow!”, absolutely amazing thread.


Amazing resemblance!
Very nice modeling and texturing.

selamat yah masuk front page! :thumbsup:



now that is freaking awesome :buttrock: …

got to say it again - the most realistic cg woman ever … absolutly 5*² …



very nice! I cant believe that you are still improving on your faces! Its amazing! I dont know how you do it! Great job