Song Hye Kyo, Max Edwin Wahyudi (3D)


It’s perfect how much time teke you meke this so real? keep posting :smiley:


Super reallistic work you did here!
I’m impressed…
5 stars fully deserved!!!


I just noticed this thread and since I’m also working at this most favorite actress,
since I watched her show for more then 8 months in row every day, I decided to post here maybe to make the people stop comparing other cg with this one and instead trying to compare with the original her. I also made the mistake to make the same style but all my friend and people suggested to do this style but hope to correct my mistake and do another different style in the end.

First of all you are a good artist but made the mistakes to use bad quality picture where details like those are bluer with each other, or made the mistake to use pictures from other movies where she was more younger or older then she was in full house and your goal was to make the pretty Hye-kyo in the yellow cloth from full house episode 3 that was shot in 2004. 

The CG you just made it need more tweaks before to resemble Song Hye-kyo I know, here is why:

[b]Comparing the CG with the real Song Hye-kyo [/b]

1. The nose is very small and not angular enough, I understand you maybe tried to make is cuter or didn't used a better picture to know exactly where it ends but Koreans people have there nose bigger and when they smile even bigger..
Also the nose is to small from the side view due to the ref used that's why it looks so back from front. Even in the ref you used is longer but you made it smaller. 

The ears of Hye-kyo are bigger, not so small.



2. Her eyebrows of Hye-kyo are very deleted, the hair pieces doesn't have the same position and angle as the actress.
I understand and know why since I searching for days picture of her over internet I only encounter to find just a 2 of them so had to climb a few walls. 


3. The eyes are a bit to small in width.


4. The face had to be more longer and a tiny bit wider, everything is position exact except the jaw, had to be a bit more longer.


5. The smile, I never seen Hye-kyo smilling like that, here she has 22 years but it looks more older, please correct me if I'm wrong here.  

[b]Comparing the CG with the real life:[/b]

The eyes corners are to disconnected from the skin.
The lips doesn't have a life into them, looks to much like plastic with a bit of shine.
The ears doesn't have a skin muscles into them, again looks to much like plastic then real
The shadow of the earrings top is unnatural
The body shoulders are way to angular 
The hair is to saturated and doesn't have the same color as she has. 

[b]Comparing the pic with the original view of the style where Hye-kyo is the most pretty: [/b]

earrings, hair and cloth color are different
she has brown hair
her cloth is more yellow, it doesn't have green in it not even on dark
earrings are different

Hope this will improve the quality of the artwork and also make the people stop comparing the artwork with others cg instead of the real thing.



The work is very famous in China now


Man, your post is so rude and pointless at same time…
Did you noticed that this is not a WIP thread? This work is finished and was chosen for the gallery already. Finished. Done. Over.

If you’re creating the same model, good for you. Maybe if you do a good job your work will end at the gallery as well. Who knows?
Now, just because you received criticism to your work in your own thread, this is not reason to come here to this thread and post all those comparison images. The person who criticized your work is not even the author of the model in this thread. Your attitude is just plain rude and childish.

Move on.



excellent man its really very cool.


Simply amazed by it. That looks so realistic! Great work!


Hello Max,
I’ve already said it, i must tell it again : staggering, amazing, excellent portrait.
Not only you dominate but you overstep your model.
Insane work!
See y@u


very likeness!


Great work. I had done for her too but not in 3D … it’s 2D. I appreciate and respect your art works. If you have a time please try to put a comment my work for portrait of Song Hye Kyo at


nothing to say…just amazing


it’s incredible work xD


WOW! I can’t believe that is actually 3d. These are the best renderings I can do but they don’t even come close to that in being photo real.
any suggestions on how I could make them better?


Incredible work!
amazing reality picture…:applause:


If you see this, could you please help me set up a similar lighting to yours? For example the settings for the lighting and how to get such soft studio type lighting…


Incredible piece, absolutely awsome.
5*, one of the best portraits i’ve seen.:cool:


Fantastic render > this is soooo real! :thumbsup:


OMG,she´s so pretty pretty,She´s awesome!Amazing work,she´s perfect!! :love:
congratz Man,10 stars =)!


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