Son Goku Child


Hello folks,

I’m modeling SON GOKU, my fan project.
This is my Wip so far.
I’m refining the Cloth’s Loops. There’s no texture yet. It’s just a very simple test
I wanto to Rig and animate this model just for fun and trainng cartoon Style.
I hope to make a good model.

Critics and coments are very wellcome

Model LOW

Test Hight

Reference Photo

modeling 3dsmax,


Awesome modelling ^^. Im also a fan. One thing that seems to a bit funny is the mouth shape, its looks kinda funny, maybe you can try to reference that from the anime instread of the physical model.

Bringing a cute type 2d character into 3d is always a big challenge, however I think you are doing a great job, hope to see more dragonball characters like that :applause:


[left]Thanks for the tip,
Yes, i need to work + the mouth,
for facial expressions I make the target.
I will try to get up.

tanks :slight_smile:



Great wip.

I don’t like DragonBall at all. I don’t like you either… But this seems to be a good job.



I think it is great!


List correction

Mix reference “Action Goku toy” and Anime TV Series add list correction to model…
I working… :slight_smile:


great modelling!


Hey man!!!

Looking great! I also believe that the mouth, legs and hands need a little polish. I will keep an eye on this one. Keep it coming.



Update Model #18
[left]But I am still not satisfied to hands

What do you think?




Hands Detail

Next Step: 1 - Paint texture, and normal bump to Cloth and hair
2- Model Targets (facial Expression)
3- Rig



thats definitely much better!! Great improvement on the mouth and hands! :smiley:
One thing that comes close to a critic is the tail thingy, from what i can remember it should flow smoother, the flow right now is a bit unnatural ^^


Shoulder is a little strange. It’s not natural.

The rest is nice. I’m starting to like you


OK ! I refine the muscles of the shoulder better.
Thanks for the comment :smiley:


Man this piece is looking damn excellent, I would say on the backside where the tail enters the shorts make some kind of wrinkle for it. That way it really makes it look like it is coming out of the pants.


[left]True, this part of the cloth is ripped, I have to work on it, thanks for reminding me. :wink:


Change pose to RIG

change the proportion body.


thats awesome, can u post it without the smooth modifier, just polygons, thanks :smiley:


sorry for my late on replying.
I finished correction in model…
Now, I’m already doing the rig on Maya.
As I’m a Max user, I’ll probably have a lot of dificulties.
If someone has a tip, please, help me. Any nice RIG tutorial is helpfull.
Thank you. Wish me luck.


I Buy this DVD for DIgital Tutorials

Cartoon Character Rigging in Maya

And student a rig to aplly to my model…

I´m Learning on :slight_smile:

i need help to Tail RIG and Armor Rope Dynamic to… :slight_smile:



Hello my fella “Emeruson” !
for the Tail, i suggest you to take a look at this DT´s How To quick tip…might be usefull.

in my opinion,
the head, the ear and the face need more refinements…

Keep going :slight_smile:

chegou a ver isso ( isso ) ?


HI Polimeno (meses depois) hahaha
I work hard, have little time to student in my model
I see your link TANKS…

But i used basic Rig (bones + Orientation constrains to controller )

update skin test WIP (FULL TIME ALL NIGHT student ) rs

but i NOt stop rs hehehehe :arteest:

BASIC WIP a REFINE to details… :wise:

To “Rope” atach to body RIg
I use Spline IK?? ( i need Dinamic + controlls ) need help :blush: