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best registry cleaner:


[b]Free Render Farm Monitoring Software :

[/b][b] Ixor Station Monitor Utility (Win32/Linux/Java)

[/b]Further information / discussion here:[b]


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A quite good Realtime Editing and Effects System open software:


Open Source 3D Sculpting software. In its infancy but watch out ZBrush!
There are a few images in the gallery
Here’s one from BlenderArtist


I also created a WACOM tablet switching app that lets you quickly remap a tablet between two different monitors. It’s free and ad-free for anyone to use. Good for compositors and pretty much anyone who has two monitors and only one tablet/cintiq.


Great Links Guy- I use AVG Anti-Vi and it’s just fine (loads a lil slow). Tried Blender, Hey- it’s free right- Still prefer my MAYA tho.


Battle Encoder Shirase (

A freeware application, that allows limiting per-process CPU usage. Supports watching programs, recognizing a limited program when it’s launched. Watches can be set via command line, if needed.

Useful, if you need to maintain responsiveness of a computer while rendering: limiting CPU usage to 80% instead of the regular 100% usually allows one to perform basic tasks with ease.


you should add the comodo solutions to the list, they have several free products and i never had any security problems since i use them.

FREE Comodo Firewall
FREE Comodo Anti-Malware
FREE Website Authentication
FREE Comodo AntiVirus
FREE Email Security Certificate


For those using Firefox, there’s an excellent download manager called DownloadThemAll

I’ve found Eusing’s free registry cleaner to be good

Personally I found comodo firewall a pain. A the time I used it (less than a year ago), it was progressively blocking ports that firefox was using, ultimately ending my web surfing every hour or so after booting. A quick search on the net found it was doing it to others, so now I’ve stuck to the built in xp firewall, plus the hardware one on the network.


A couple of GIMP plugins which provide not-too-bad alternatives to a couple of Photoshop plugins if you can’t afford Photoshop:

Texturizer for those longing to use imageSynth (also available through Synaptic for Ubuntu users, others may want to check their install sources).

NormalMap for those missing the features of nVidia’s version.


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I recommend The KMPlayer - KMP in short - as a default video player. It has long since replaced VLC for me. Opens more formats, is very flexible, and for those so inclined, pretty skinnable. It supports Winamp plugins. Doesn’t register its codecs with the system, hence no interference. You can customize the filters (like an external codec…etc) to be applied.


CrapCleaner is my app of choice

great for clearing out my startup list, fixing some issues, uninstalling, clearing out the recent files and stuff before the missus comes round. Free, Fast and very efficeint. Yuo can even set it to delete things just the once or NSA style (7 times) or even more (like 89 times) for ultimate security that things you delete are really gone.


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Need to access Mac-formatted disks in Windows environment, but don’t want to pay for applications like Macdrive? Try Eric Larssen’s HFSExplorer. Supports HFS (Mac OS Standard), HFS+ (Mac OS Extended) and HFSX (Mac OS Extended with case sensitive file names) file systems. Works like a charm.


Thanks a lot Sephirothv7. Very helpful links.


Works great and its free! Not a free nerfed version either

Microsoft Security Essentials


Thanks for taking your time to compile and update this list Sephirothv7! It’s very neat and handy with all the classifications been done up. :slight_smile:

I'm using KMP too and it's the only media player on my desktop now. It's free and light-weight. FYI, KMP was actually developed by a Korea company.

By the way, Storm Codec Player is pretty good as well.:)


Nice thread!
Anyone know of an image viewer (preferably lightweight and free) that will show CMYK files with their correct colours like the Adobe applications do?
Actually, apart from Bridge which is not an option, I have yet to find any image viewer that recognizes CMYK colourspace. Not Acdsee, Irfan or Directory Opus that is supposed to have a CMYK viewer plugin…