Somersault Rig


I want to animate a character doing a triple somersault.

I created a null, and parented all the ‘controls’ (e.g. hand_control, foot_control, root_control etc.) to that null.

I was planning to animate the rotation of that null for the somersaults, but when I move the ‘root control’, the null doesn’t move with it which is the problem. I need the null to move with ‘root control’. When I constraint it, the ‘root control’ stuffs up.

Can anyone help me with this?
Or is there a better rig for somersaults?


so you want the controls parented to the locator, and the locator parented to the main control?

so why dont you group the controls, parent/parent constrain the control groups to the locator, then you group the locator and constrain that to the main control.

the setup depends on how you plan on animating it though
just make sure that the locator is at the centre of gravity…otherwise it will look as if the character is doing a lopsided somersault.


Thanks for responding, But it’s not working.

Forget get about my rig setup. How would you rig a character doing a number of somersaults?


I would switch the limbs to fk for the part where the char is in the air, and just rotate the main control (with it’s pivot at the COG), then i’ll switch the legs to ik upon impact.
That way i wont have to worry about the ik controls trailing behind if i’m moving the main control in the air.


Thanks…Your recent reply might help.


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