Someone from Sydney...?


Hi guys,

I’m originally from Germany, but I have a new occupation in a nice studio in Sydney. So everything is new to me. We all know, there’s also this BIG company, constantly recruiting people from overseas… I was just thinking, if there might be some more people in a similar situation like me. If anyone is interested in meeting up for a beer (or two), just drop me a pm…



Im from Sydney.
Which company did you get a job from? I wouldn’t mind having a chat about the industry and what work is available. I’ve been working for myself and it isnt easy. e-mail me and well chat.


heh theres lots of europeans over at the" BIG " studio ,its always difficult if you have just arrived and dont know anyone if you want advice about places to live just speak to a few of the guys there and rumour has it there are a few beer monsters there who are always up for a visit to the boozer , just introduce yourself !!



hi guys, thanks for the replies.

Daniel - its fin design. maybe you’ve heard of them?

mrBob - i’m not working at animal logic. but i’d like to get in contact with some people. maybe there are also some guys who just newly arrived to australia and are in a similar situation? would be very happy to meet some interesting people.



Fin do some really nice work, and there’s great cafes, shopping and cinemas just around the corner from their offices. They seem pretty well regarded here in Australia. Congratulations on the job!

You might like to have a trawl through the member pages. Plus they have an group email thingy. Try posting there - someone will be able to help.


I remember your dronez short movie very well. Excellent work.
I came to Sydney just a few month ago.
Does your studio “fin design” have any websites ? I have never heard of it.


Yossarian! - yes, their work is very nice. think i can learn a lot and also hope that i can make my contribution in the future… i already signed up for that dlf-mailing list.

Reza - thanks for the nice words about dronez. it was big fun for me to work on it. so where are you originally coming from? and this is the website of FIN


I am coming from Iran. I was a freelancer in Tehran.



DLF is a fantastic site, but most horrifyingly, you need to be employed to access all the useful information, like job opportunities. irritates me, cos as soon as i get a job ill not be as eager to go looking for more.


Cool, you’re one of the Dronez guys :slight_smile:

I moved to Sydney almost 2 years ago. At Animal Logic now with friends at Fuel, Engine, Omnilab (ex-Ambience), Mad Academy, Monkeylab and a few games companies like MicroForte, Team Bondi and Perception. It’s a pretty small community where everyone through one or two degrees of separation seem to know everyone else. People are often on short to mid-term contracts so there’s lots of networking.

Would be cool with a meetup of Sydney operators. Mr. Bob is right, we’re a bunch of boozers! One place we used to come together was at Clock Bar in Surry Hills. Haven’t done that for a while, maybe it’s time for a mass email again :slight_smile:

Send me a PM and maybe I can organize something.



Yarrgh! So many people in Sydney! Come visit me you bastiches!:smiley:


Hey Wiro,

cool - didn’t know, that you’re in sydney. i still thought you were at that “warthog” company in the uk. time flies by…
i’m happy you liked dronez. in fact, me and my mates were using your texturing tutorial as a guide, when it came to texturing the robot and all the metallic parts. it helped a lot :thumbsup:

saw on your website, that you moved to bondi, like me. hope we can have a beer together, someday… i’ll write you a pm, anyway.



I absolutely love that Klugger commercial on the fin wesbite.

Anyone know how that was done? or maybe i should start a new thread?


Hello everyone,
I am in Sydney too, I probably would not have mush to offer in terms of skills, but I would to buy you all a beer and listen to you talk, can we organise it?


don’t worry, no skills are needed. buying us a beer is much more then sufficient.

i really hope so… thats why i started this thread. who else wants to come?


Hi all,

I’m in Sydney too. Been doing web design professionally for 5 yrs and recently studying 3D p/t at CGC so I can get into video games. Don’t really know anyone else whos into that stuff so it would be great to meet up with some others :thumbsup:



currently in cgc too, finishing on friday. Then its time to save for animation mentor. Wow, i never knew wiro was at animal…amazing…i have always enjoyed your stuff.


I’m also in Sydney working at Perception (Games company). Came here from the UK last year and found it hard at first but got use to it and get on ok now.



Haha cool. If someone can suggest a venue I’ll see who I can bring along too.
Loose Controll, do I know you? I hang out with quite a few people from Perception (we live close to eachother).



Lots of Sydney siders! which is always a cool thing!