Someone experienced in 3D character rigging


Someone experienced in 3D character rigging.

We are in need of an artists experienced in character rigging for our 3d model for the rig we have for does not suit are animators requirements. we are looking for someone who can make complex body and face rigs, shape keys, drivers and custom properties for the model in blender. To keep it short controls to make our animator’s job easier. The job pays 299 USD upfront if anyone would like to negotiate a higher price we would be happy to oblige. Please don’t not contact us for the job lower then what’s posted we believe all artists should be a paid for their work and time. If you are interested please send us your portfolio, email and any rigs/ animations you worked on over the years.

Hope to hear from someone soon
Take care

Here’s the model that needs to be re-rigged




I can help.
I have an experience of 6+ years in this domain. You can reach me via email or skype on live:sofia_6831. So that we can discuss further.

Best Regards,
Sofia G