Some weirdness after latest X-Particles update


I installed the latest X-Particles update that popped up this morning. First thing I noticed was the old projects that showed up in my “recent documents”. Strange, no recent projects at all. But then my Teamrendernodes were not able to recognise the hostmachine anymore (wrong C4D-version). No X-particles involved by the way. After a restart everything was OK again.
But when I was saving the scene I made in R19 and have been working on for the past days in R19 I suddenly got the warning it was made by R17 (?) and will now be saved in R19 format. No big deal, but a bit weird it is…



There is no update yet (it is next week), so it sounds a bit weird. Have you been using R17 or started R17 and it had an older XP in too. It would explain the scene error on then loading and mystery update to the latest XP that was back in Dec 17. Do you have an R17 installed on that machine?


No I did not, but there is indeed an R17 with XP installed on the same machine.

Strangely I only started R19 this morning and then this XP update showed up. I just hit the install update and then the rest of the story unfolds.
I haven’t touched R17 in ages. Everything went back to normal so the mystery remains. Somewhere a preffile must have been damaged or so…

thanks for the reply!



I just started up the XP updater, and it offered me the update to 4.0.0535 (this is from Dec 2017 so I don’t know why it wasn’t shown before). Installing it did not do anything to the recent file list, though. I have an R18 and R19 installed in parallel on this machine, but no TeamRender node.

I’ll have an eye on any strange behavior (but I don’t really expect any).


What is the latest update. I was expecting one last week but nothing has surfaced. No updater splash at startup.


It is not a release build so will not appear in the updater. Please see our social media or website:

From the EA build onwards there is a new XP prefs option to show EA builds, so in future users will always have the option to see early builds in the updater if they wish.


Thanks done and done. The viewport speed up is fantastic. Great work


That got my attention… Mac or PC?




Impressive. Most impressive…

So if I understand the new maintenance thing correctly, whenever this update comes out, if you’ve upgraded within the last 12 months, you get it free. If you haven’t you need to get the maintenance plan or wait till next upgrade. Same with Cycles4D. On point?


The update is already out (for Early Access):


O great news, looks impressive indeed.
One small question about ‘followspline’ ; I cannot have it working when my emitter is in object mode.
Is this a known thing?

Regards, Robert


Please direct any support questions to our team:



Sure, but early access is more or less a beta program from what I read. IOW this next update we’re discussing is an interim-scope update (not an upgrade), but it’s not yet released to the normal update servers… correct? And when that happens, anyone who has purchased or upgraded their license within the last 12 months will be able to download said update via the standard updater mechanism? And if more than 12 months, you’d have to buy maintenance to get it?


The EA gives earlier access to features, but not all of them that are in development and sooner than waiting the previous 2 year release cycles (XP2 to XP3, XP3 to XP4). The next EA build will bring more features and then we’ll do a release build of these to all users. So yes, you will get all these features in a release build. Try the EA build, it has major improvements to speed and liquids. If you want to see what is going on I suggest joining us on Discord:



[EDIT – I read it wrong initially. Ignore my question if you saw it. I understand what you’re saying now.]


There are more features in development than in the current EA build, more will appear when they are ready in the next build. We will be releasing more information as soon as possible. HTH.


Indeed! Always appreciate hearing directly from Insydium in this forum. You guys kick arse.


Can a person revert back to the standard release after switching to EA builds?

I’d like to try it but don’t want to be stuck with a possibly troublesome build if I commit to an XP project - or if I’ll need to be sharing files with some other non-EA user.


Yes, please see the EA info on our site. The EA build is a different URL so you can download and use either of them as you wish. From the EA build onwards all XP updates will have the option in the XP prefs to show the release or EA builds. HTH.