Some walking in Vue Infinite


Some walking in Vue Infinite.


Interesting…I watched it and all I could think of is that’s how Damon Wayons as a gay character walks. In other words, women don’t walk that way, only guy’s pretending to be women do. The hands out in that angle…no. Work on fixing that first.


It was a cross between sexy and cat walk. And a big stride of some kind. I would love to have just a normal boring walk for human figures. Something simple like a woman walking to an elevator while looking in her purse would be nice.


ShawnDriscoll…that’s sounding a little nefarious. :curious:


I don’t know how else to call that animation. Boring lobby room walking? Or walking to their car in a parking garage. That kind of boring walk. I don’t want the window shopping kind of walk though.


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