Some VRAYforC4D v3.25_Infos


  [b]- Announcement of open VRAYforC4D 3.25 beta September 2015,[/b]
  [b]- Free upgrade to v3.25 for new bought licenses (starting August 15th)[/b]
  [b]- VRAYforC4D 3.25 Feature list overview[/b]
  Dear Users,
  we  are glad to give you here some first public infos on the new  forthcoming VRAYforC4D v3.25 version that is worked on atm and in  intense beta testing. This version is based on the newest official V-Ray  core 3.25 from our partner Chaosgroup, and brings many important  enhancements and features. It is the biggest update for VRAYforC4D since  v1.0.
  Respecting  an often expressed user wish, from now on the version numbering of the  render plugin and the V-Ray core will be synchronized, this will better  show which V-Ray core is running.*) so even though the last version was  called v1.9 (V-Ray 2.55), the forth coming next version will be named  more correct "VRAYforC4D 3.25".
  about  4.5 months ago we did get the access to the Chaosgroup V-Ray 3.x core,  and the development runs very good so far. the beta is already stable  usable, and our beta testers test it since some months. The new v3  features are currently added step by step. The new VRAYforC4D v3.25  version will introduce all in c4d possible features known from Max or  Maya V-Ray versions (which is almost all you see there).
  There will be a main v3.25 release later this year, followed by 1 -2 service packs, bringing additional v3 based features.
  As  we know you all wait for it and want to use and test it as soon as  possible, we are happy to announce also that we will introduce an open  beta testing phase for all VRAYforC4D users, starting sometime in September 2015,  with a 3.25 version that runs on MAXON Cinema4d v16 and v17 versions.  (final release will run from c4d v15-v17). It is possible to run V2.55  based version along with the 3.25 based version, so you can have both  installed at the same time.
  here an overview of the features that are part of the 3.25 version:

[li]New great V-Ray 3 render speed. faster ray tracing and render performance; all parts of V-Ray had been greatly optimized using state of the art ray tracing technology. you see the same render speed as in newest V-Ray Max3.25[/li][li]New progressive sampler rendering: see your render within seconds instead of waiting for buckets[/li][li]Dynamic Bucket splitting[/li][li]New default universal render setup for path tracing (BFLC) and IRLC based work, which eliminates the need to set or tune any light or material subdivision, or DMC settings (all done by the V-Ray core). biased and unbiased ray tracing methods for choice.[/li][li]Fast IPR window (interactive preview render): based on V-Ray RT v3 (cpu or gpu for choice)[/li][li]V-Ray RT production rendering in picture viewer and editor[/li][li]RT Lightcache support[/li][li]multifacetted GTR BRDF (ggx pro with tail control)[/li][li]Min shading rate (can replace subdivision control within one single slider)[/li][li]v3 max ray intensity setting (can speed up rendering)[/li][li]Lot faster hair, grass & fur rendering[/li][li]Lot faster instance and proxy rendering[/li][li]Embree 2.3 (also dynamic geometry like displacement ,hair, mb, proxies)[/li][li]Probabilistic light sampling:a lot faster rendering with huge number of area lights[/li][li]Render masks[/li][li]V-Ray Clipper (make easy render time sections of objects or groups of objects)[/li][li]Reflection/refraction sets (include /exclude lists)[/li][li]New Object based and unbiased/raytraced (still fast) subsurface scattering option in SSS2 mat and channel, RT compatible[/li][li]V-Ray Skin material[/li][li]V-Ray Volume material[/li][li]New static displacement options (faster)[/li][li]Udim textures**[/li][li]Tiles exr and tiff loading (load /unload buckets of bitmaps on demand to save ram)[/li][li]Open exr2[/li][li]Separate light select layers for render elements (V-Ray light select)[/li][li]Deep image saving[/li][li]Sampler-Info-Tex shader as in V-Ray Maya, to read out scene data and use for shading[/li][li]OSL shader and OSL material[/li][li]New disk area light[/li][li]V-Ray frame buffer,with ICC, .OCIO, LUT, .cube, interactive burn,exposure,highlight, color balance controls (for sure in windows, for OSX depends yet on the V-Ray sdk, for OSx it might come in SP)[/li][li]Lens effects[/li][li]New vrmesh export, with all features, animated vrmeshes, hair and particles in vrmeshes[/li][li]Vrscene node (loading external vrscene files on render time)**[/li][li]Vray metaball surface,[/li][li]Open subdiv support[/li][li]Additional vray shaders (vray curvature, vray ray switch, vray user data color, vray user skalar, bercon noise)[/li][li]Clip opacity feature for faster cutout alphas[/li][li]Optimised volume rendering[/li][li]New LC feature for animation[/li][li]Support for OpenVDB, Field 3d and Vray Volume grid**[/li][li]Improved translucency in 2 sided mat[/li][li]New Dr features (add & release nodes while render, exclude local machine from render)[/li][li]Cache geometry and textures**[/li][li]Quick setup[/li][li]Simplified user interface (optional like vray 3 max)[/li][li]Faster material & shader preview & GUI[/li][li]Support for V-Ray stereo cameras[/li][li]Support for 6x1 cubic stereo VR cameras (for Oculus Rift use p.e[/li][li]New Spherical Panorama stereo camera[/li][li]Support for sub folders in c4d search paths[/li][li]Bitmap aperture & optical vignetting in V-Ray physical camera[/li][li]Shademap support for stereo images(speeds render up)[/li][li]OGl resolution options for bitmaps in editor[/li][li]V-Ray presets, V-Ray tool bar[/li][li]V-Ray Node based Material editor (in SP)[/li][li]MAXON Team Render still image splitting support[/li][/ul]We hope you like the feature set. you can ask us more in the official VRAYforC4D forum

  Of  course beside features we also worked to solve all reported bugs and  issues to have a very stable 3.25 release. please note that this is not a  full feature list but a round up or overview what can be expected in  the v3.25 release and its service packs.  The exact 3.25 feature list  can slightly vary from this overview.
  [b]We  also announce that all customers buying a VRAYforC4D 1.9 /V-Ray 2.55  version now (starting with August 15th 2015) are entitled to get a free  VRAYforC4D 3.25 update[/b]. Any reduced price update options from past  to "2.0" will of course apply for 3.25. so any investment done today is  saved for version 3.25.
  There is also a new you tube channel started for VRAYforC4D where we will show you v3.25 features step by step:
  The VRAYforC4D Team, 12th August 2015


p.s.:and here a small first sneak peak preview video on 2 of my favourite v3.25 features:


hope you like it a bit:)



Almost there!! Can’t wait Stefan!! :beer:


Those are great news Stefan! Thanks!


These are seriously great additions, immediately useful, and the simplified subdivisions/shading rate setup is big help too. It’s a fine time to be a VRay/Cinema user.


Is the price allready defined for existing v1.9 users ? Or will it be free (as you wrote, beta will be accessible)? Or are there any special offers for your loyal vrayforc4d users ?


Version number Skipping is the new fad in computers as it seems…

Windows 8 => Windows 10
Vray 1.9 => Vray 3.25…

But at last it will put an end to the rumors that VrayforC4D is lagging way behind the other versions.

One thing though that I always wondered is why Chaosgroup never talks about C4D in its communication at all (see latest promo video).

Even if Laublab is in the middle and has a special deal, they must be getting their share of the sales… But it’s like it never existed. I might be wrong, be I’m guessing VrayforC4D sells more copies than Vray for Blender… (don’t know many blender people ready to buy an expensive pro renderer).


@ eric: vray version number makes absolutely sense since it matches the vray core number now

@ DesignAmyte: its free for 1.9 users :thumbsup:


Awesome…cant wait to get that new Core.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think they have a price worked out yet for 1.9 users. It’s only free for people who buy 1.9 after August 15th.


I think so too : it’s only “free” as an upgrade for late buyers.

Last year, if I remember, a price of about 99€ (I could be wrong) for the upgrade to V2.0 was mentionned at some point, but it got postponed obviously.


ah ok you are right. “the exact prices we are yet calculating. we try to make it as fair as possible.”