Some things you'd like to see in Maya 7


Recently i was having a play with XSI and it made me realise Maya rather behind. I still love Maya for it’s UI (universal navigation controls for each editor is one of the really nice touches), it’s workflow, the Hypershade, graph editor, dynamics, lighting and has the SINGLE BEST extrude poly tool of any program that I’ve used. However, XSI has so many other features that seems to be drawing me away. Sure you can find scripts to add some needed features, but sometimes it can be real tough to filter through the good ones and the poor ones (you also got to wonder why some things so simple aren’t added by Alias in the first place).

Here are some things i’d like to see in the next version of Maya, and i’m wondering what other people would like to see too.

-Poly modelling tool improvments. Things like a propper bevel (XSI’s bevel is amazing), select ring, something like Max’s Edit Poly connect, etc.

-Smooth Proxy with creasing. Sub Div surfaces are way too slow, and not just in framerate but in useage (you can’t even select contiguous edges on a sub div surface). Maybe even something like LW’s metanurbs or XSI’s sub division. It’s just nice to be able to go to a subdiv and back by hitting tab (LW) or plus and minus (XSI) and seeing the cage’s edges on the proxy.

-More control in the channel box with input nodes. Being able to delete/remove or collapse/freeze any input node within the channel box would be nice.

-A UVing unwrap tool like Wings 3d’s. Absolutely amazing system (if you’ve seen it, you’d agree), pity getting a model into Wings 3d can sometimes be an extraordinarily painful experience.

-Skin overhaul. Skin is way behind IMO. Having to save skin weights as an image is just rediculous. Not being able to alter the geometry after assigning a skin bind is seriously annoying. I’d really love to be able to having some interactive slider with a real time update on the weights. etc…

-A propper pose system. Assume Bind pose has NEVER worked for me propperly (esspecially with extra controller objects).

-Trax editor that works as well as XSI’s animation mixer and on normal objects not just Characters

-I would LOVE something like XSI’s Rig guide. (With the last 3 things, i wonder what they’ll be solved with Alias’s aquisition of Kaydara :wink: )

-More diverse axis options (not just local, global, gimbal, etc), but others like Parent, Refenence, etc. Be nice if Scale could use these too.

-If somehow they couuld implement a kind of temporary Transform node for selected components so you can enter nurmerical values in the channel box like on an object level.

-Temporay axis for components made a little less temporary (changing tools should not reset it. Deselecting/reselecting should).

-Better implementation of Quaternion (be great to be able to change an object’s rotation type to Quaternion and get the extra W ‘axis’ in the channel box and graph editor).

All in all, i love Maya, ever since it rescued me from the evil clutches of 3ds max. But it seems to be really dropping behind in the smaller things.


from max:
modify > edit geometry > constrain to face/edge:)


-Something like Maxs Editable Poly Preserve UVs feature. Great for envrionments.


I’d just be happy if Maya’s filebrowser didn’t hang and force me to nuke Maya, if the server connection is broken when I try to Save As. Getting the server back online doesn’t stop the hang either. I mean, we all keep saying ‘save often’ to minimize damage from crashes, but when the save itself is the most common cause of crashing… The OS filebrowser doesn’t hang in this situation, so why should Maya’s?


heres a few things on my wishlist.

. Being able to reorient joints without detaching skin.
. Ability to freeze transforms on joints and locators(without resetting the scale of the locator)
. collapsing history! or even delete parts of the history.
. A bug free component editor or better yet a brand new way of painting skin wts.
. Ability to mirror skin wts across a mesh while keeping the shared values btw each sides.

more to come!!!


-Speed of sub or polysmooth.The turbomooth tool in max7 is amazing.It’s time for maya to increase her speed now.
-More tools support sub objects.
-More support from mentalray to maya.Then when i change renderer from maya software to mr,i do no have to change my settings.
-Bind pose.For a instance,it troubles me a lot when i wanna to scale bones to change the shape of chacter.Can i skin character again without restrictiong of bind pose?
-More poly tools.


Here are a few things I’d like to see in Maya 7:


  • native edge, ring loops and cuts, because MJPolyTools can be quite slow on heavy meshes.
  • bridge tool
  • poly to nurbs conversion, which converts it perfectly into 1 seamless nurbs surface :stuck_out_tongue:
  • way faster subdiv and the abilty to only see the low res isolines on subdivs, like XSI, Silo and many others.
  • built in smoothing, like XSI you can press + - on any poly mesh. Or better example is Lightwave.
  • better working tweak mode
  • built in raycase (paint) selection without the need to activate a tool and reactive move/rotate/scale tool again.


  • redesigned hypershade, maybe with an option for an built in attribute editor for materials, somethings like that of Max. To save up screen space. Redesigned hypershade has to be more efficient with its space usage. Maybe with the option to list the materials on the left side of the HS as a list.
  • something like FPrime?


  • realtime animation like MB :stuck_out_tongue:
  • first person camera view


you can whine all you want at this site:


also…after going through the link i mentioned i noticed a lot of feature requests that already exist.

also…some of the scripts u can get on Highend are actually better then some created by Alias…

what i would like to see…although i doubt it will happen is a consolodation of the existing tools to make room for new ones otherwise the UI will get clunky.

eg: why not Extrude Component instead of three seperate commands? extrude face extrude edge extrude vertex. This can be done for a lot of tools…would clean things up a lot and leave space for new tools.


that would be better for sure…but I doubt they will bother with that since you can already customize all that with mel…anyway.
I think most of everything people ask can already be done a way or another…I on my side hope that they will finally upgrade their own rendering so I don’t have to rely on mental ray…because here we’re definetly not going to get some mental ray render farm…which is too bad but that’s the way most studio do…we’re not that rich and are still relying on the good old maya rendering, which is good if you know how to use it.


fyi, one can also enter the info here



all to true…its why a lot of people complain about maya…they dont want to customize Maya…or realize the advantage of that. admittedly…why should an artist have to learn mel? it would be far easier to learn LW…or XSI

  1. Cause with MEL, maya is more powerfull than any combined tool.

  2. You have constrain to edge/face(?) option
    when you hold down “C” for edges, “V” for vertex, “X” for the grid etc…

  3. Agree with maya interface beginning to look a bit clunky.

  4. Most character tools will surpass the ones of XSI,
    once Motionbuilder tools find their way into the maya pipeline, or vice versa.





  1. Cause with MEL, maya is more powerfull than any combined tool.
    [/QUOTE]yes MEL is very powerful but in reality not all artist have programming skills nor do they have enough time on their hands to learn something complex but can only be useful when using one software, thats what i think is the reason why some people complain

i know that you can snap to edges, vertices and points in maya, but i’m talking about max’s modify > edit geometry > constrain to face/edge option which functions a little bit differently, it enables you for example to snap a vertex of an object to a face on that very same object…


“i know that you can snap to edges, vertices and points in maya, but i’m talking about max’s modify > edit geometry > constrain to face/edge option which functions a little bit differently, it enables you for example to snap a vertex of an object to a face on that very same object…”

Like maya … . Modify>Make live ?


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hmm, not sure… can u snap a vertex of a “live” object to one of its own faces?


I really like the render to texture options in 3ds Max. The options to do this in Maya are rubbish as you can’t even render a single texture map when an object has multiple shaders & textures without a convoluted route with Mental Ray and Batch Bake - and I still have trouble getting it to work how I want.

Please feel free to post more user freindly methods if you know of any!

Also, after watchng the XSI demos at UK CGI in Leeds, I was really impressed with the automated rig feature that basically created skeleton that had spinal and foot roll controls etc. I even considered buying the foundation version but the GUI is horrible (IMO)

Another thing I’d like them to take away is having to press the ALT key to pan.


actually they should have enough time on their hands to learn the insides of the tool they’re using. It’s on them to get to know the software, not the software’s fault. MEL isn’t hardcore programming. THat’ s a cheap ass excuse.


I actually tell my artists that they don’t have time to NOT learn MEL. As far as I’m concerned, all artists using Maya should have a functional grasp of MEL scripting. Nothing advanced, but they should understand the basics.

Not only will it increase their productivity, but also their marketability.