some site I made


here’s a site I put together that is almost finished I guess.

I don’t really like the overall design, too out there for my taste, but hey, that’s not my prob, they hired some 3rd party guy to do the graphics, I just did all the flash stuff. No sound yet.


You show sooooo much enthusiasm.

I see where you are coming from with the graphics. I do, however, like the background. But the planets or whatever they are, those have to go.

The fade to the next page (or link) isn’t to my liking. It reminds me so much of when I had a slower computer and connection: the fade “throbs”, as if having trouble rendering the gradients of the fade to black. I am not sure if it’s this comp (at work), or what. I haven’t had this issue before while viewing fades (bitmap or vector) on this work comp. Could be me.

Of course, this is a WIP, but I’m just not… feeling this. Of course, this is only an opinion (and like *ssholes, everyone has one and they stink), but I’m not caring at all for the layout. It’s those damn graphics. They do throw things out of whack. Whether it’s the planets, coordinates, or contact info graphic, it’s too jumbled. They need to be organized in lil’ bundles off to the sides or something. Like the planets (atlas, whatever), those can be reduced in size and placed up in the top left hand corner with the logo. Or, place the atlas that is with the logo up in that corner and then place the larger world in the bottom right hand corner and superimpose the coordinates and contact info there. Place the statements ("…is your industrial…" and “staffs a unique…” in the center and bump up the font value. The background can, perhaps, be blurred just a tad; give it a feeling of water and not so like a TRON landscape (since they cater to marine products).

Ok… you can now rearrange my opinion, place it on the tip of your foot, and break it off up in my butt.


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