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hi for all
i am new in this forum and i see there are a lot of really good artist here. anyway i give you all my sorries for my bad english and i try to explane my question. i would like to buy a new machine and i tryed to do this configuration but i am not sure all is ok. so if you have some councils i will be pleasing. i readed some thread from this forum but sincerily i am not so sure to understand from english. I use pc just for 3dmax8+vray,photoshop,adobe premiere and naturally some games like call of duty 2 or colin mc rea so i would optimize just for this. my budget is less than 1.500 euros and i already now is hard to create a good machine whit all money.
i thanks to you anticipated

my configuration:
Cabinet [color=blue]Cabinet Thermaltake Swing Nero con finestra Trasparente VB6000BWS€67,26 [font=Tahoma][/font][/color]
Alimentatore [color=blue][font=Tahoma][/font][/color]EnermaX Liberty 500W ELT500WATT€ 117,53
Processore AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core Toledo 4400+ soket 939 BOX€ 554,40[font=Tahoma][/font]
Mainboard [color=blue]ASUS A8N-E Soket 939 Amd K8-Audio-Lan- RETAIL REV 2.00€ 103,62[/color]
Memoria [color=blue]KIT GeIL Value Memory 2048Mb. (1024x2) PC3200 DDR400€ 228,85[/color]
Hard Disk [color=blue][/color]SEAGATE Barracuda 7200.7 Plus - 160 Gb-7200 giri/min -8 Mb-UDMA100 bulk€80
DvdRom Masterizzatore NEC ND-4550 DVD +/-R 16X Dual Layer BULK NERO€ 49,73
Scheda Video Point of View 6800 GS 256Mb PCI-E 256Bit RETAIL€ 233,86
Floppy Drive Floppy drive 1.44Mb Nero€ 9,36

Tot: 1444,61


no one can council me about price and about the quality?? pleasee:wavey:


I have a machine thats pretty much the same as this one except I have an older Nvidia card… but it works great! I use it with Cinema 4d and After Effects all day and it performs really well. Except I would dump the floppy drive and use that money to get a 250-300gb drive instead of a 160gb one…


All looks fine to me. Personally I would drop the floppy drive though, I havent seen a floppy disk in years.


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