Some questions regarding professional work place


Hello, i am new here and this is my first post so i hope im doing this right!
Im currently a student majoring in Psychology, but taken interest in keeping 2d concept artist as viable career path.
I’ve drawn since i was small, but there’s seems a lot of problem if i were to take it professionally:

  1. I usually spit as much color as i can into the canvas and then narrow it down using “Color Balance” and “Tone Correction” layer to maintain composition and such. Is this a bad habit that will be frowned upon in professional industry? Does using such layer mode makes me look like an amateur?
  2. I’ve noticed most job listed requires Photoshop proficiency. I made most of my artworks using Clip Studio and while im familiar with PS i’d rather use clip since i feel the latter are more versatile in term of digital painting resources. Does using Photoshop are mandatory in this industry? Should i suck it up and just use PS from now on?
  3. I like to keep my time and productivity effective by using photobashing technique, it enables me to squeeze more paintings in small time gap. Again, is this technique frowned upon in the industry? Will it make me look like uncreative noob that can only rely on external sources to make painting?

Thank you for reading this far and i really appreciate any kind of answer!