some HDRI tests.....

C&C welcome
found some old models on my disk while cleaning up and felt like using some Vray

well here they are…
I had fun with these…all renders are below 8 /9 minutes
on a P4 1.4 512 RAM


what??? is it that bad?


Heh, I think the lack of replies is because they’re that GOOD.

Yeah, not much to say, they look like photos pretty much. Great job!


The wine bottle looks great :slight_smile: Actually so do the other models. But yes!?@ its the wine bottle I like the most :applause:


Yeah bottle is awsome, this engine is nice too.

Bytheway, where did you get that label ? This must by some kind of polish wine?? lol - those wines are the best ! It cost about 1 dolar and its made of sulfur.



well… that labels honestly is off the web.
i was looking for something different…
a tip if it can be useful…in google type wine decals…
u ll be amazed how many labels show up…hehehe…

i am a orignal Napa valley wine fan so i feel its good to have this label than say"french" wine…hehehe…
here’s a really bad looking test render of that engine with the environment on…

i m having some bangalore wine right now…bet u never heard of that…LOL!!!


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