Some general question about your line of work.


Just out of curiosity, I’m interested in what people who post here, do for a living.

Are you full time, freelance, a student, a hobbyist?
Do you consider yourself a generalist, or a focused specialist?
If so, what areas do you specialize in?
Which software packages do you use to compliment C4D?
Which rendering engine do you use the most?


I work as a realtime viz guy for Rolls Royce Design in Munich.
C4D is rarely in use here… Deltagen and VRED are the tools of choice.
Next step will be Unreal Engine in a few months.

I use C4D as my goto 3D app in my freetime though!

Kind regards :slight_smile:


i’m a freelancer, generalist, i mostly do motion graphics, character design / animation, product vis and graphics design. in fact that’s where i came from, started as a graphics design freelancer 17 years ago, at some point i got interested in animation and learned after effects, then i got interested in 3D and dived into that. in my spare time i do mostly toon character work.

i use c4ds built in renderers, standard with s&t for the toon stuff and physical for photorealistic images. most photorealistic stuff i do isn’t animated, so i can live with the render times. if i need to render out animations with physical and rendertimes require it i upload it to a render farm. i use MOI for cad file conversions, other than that i do all my 3D work in c4d…



Freelance generalist (though a good chunk of my work is theatre backdrops, product/sales viz and teaching). I use the built in render engines 99% of the time, but I’d like to move to another engine at some point, but the pro:con ratio takes away too much for me right now. Plus if im honest, I see far too many people switching render engines with the reasoning that c4d’s internal one is holding them back, when in reality they just can’t light or texture for shit. eg. the number of vray users Ive encountered that never even go so far as finding area lights/shadows or global illumination is staggering; though a lot of these suffer from ‘low expectation syndrome’ where they’ve come over from another 3d app where buying a third party engine was just expected.

I use it with the usual suspects, photoshop, after effects


I do freelance work full time, primarily making 60-90 second videos for start-up company websites explaining who they are and what they do. If they have a product, animated beauty renders make up most of the video. It’s given me a ton of great work experience in general production as well as writing scripts, finding & directing voice talent, and just negotiating the over-all production process from A to Z with a myriad of different client personality types.

I guess I’m a generalist, but avoid character work like the plague. I focus on making visuals that are on the realistic end of the spectrum, though rarely get to do anything super-real as I have to stretch my small budget out for 90 seconds of this stuff. I use Vray 85% of the time because of the additional features it presents (DR, Render Masks, and fast blurry reflections being big ones), plus I feel slightly more confident for the future knowing the parent company is focused solely on developing the render engine rather than an entire 3D program.

I do use area shadows :wink: , though often avoid GI simply because of render time.

I use a combination of Rhino & the plugin to bring in large CAD assemblies from clients (40,000 pieces). I’ve also used Houdini off and on for niche things over the past few years. The addition of Vray for H as well as improvements to Mantra’s material setup has me investigating the program a bit further for additional work, but there are some things that are simply much easier to do in C4D - so it’ll never be a full switch.

Other than that, pretty generic: comp in AE, basic sound mixing in Premiere, occasional work in PS & AI.


I make TV commercials, FX, visual bits n bobs but mostly linear short things. Mix of 60% GFX and 40% live action but its driven by the jobs that come in. Occasionally make music videos, they dont pay the bills but can be a good thing to stretch your abilities.

  1. Full time professional. I used to be in the game industry but now in general video production.
    2/3) Generalist, primarily product and medical viz. Also misc motion graphics and animation. Some character work
  2. AE for compositing/post. Fusion360 and MOI for occasional modeling and CAD file conversion.
  3. 99% of my rendering is done with Vray4C4D. I play with the Corona alpha release - it does make some pretty pictures - but have not used it in production yet.


Long time C4D user and lover.

Though I have access to Vray, I use it on a client requested basis only.
Using native render engine in v12 and v16 … but rely/use v12 95%.

Freelance/design consultant … product and arch viz … still and animated.


Make a poll:

-Pro employed
-Pro free

I am employed C4D generalist. 98% 3rd party rendering. Increasingly Realtime.



I create content for medical & Industrial marketing with some Film & TVC work thrown in for good measure; been using C4D since C4D XL5.5 (around 1997 -wow, I just realized it’s been 20 years!)). Over the years I’ve moved between several editing & comp packages (Avid, FCP, Velocity, Digital Fusion, Nuke, Smoke, Premiere, AE, etc.) -Through it all, I’ve always relied on C4D to create visuals. It’s such a versatile workhorse: from motion graphics to photorealistic product renderings & animations.

current version R18
Render engines:
VRay 1.9

Plugs: Xparticles, HDRI Link



Great thread! I love to see what others are up to.

I’ve run my own business or studio for the past 20 years. But the nature of my work drifts from interactive design to motion graphics to database work. 3d/motion work has ranged over the year from trade show media, online training, tv commercials, website stuff and GUI stuff.

I’ve had employees but in the past ten years just contract out work that I can’t do myself.

My current areas of focus is live data visualization, VR and training.

I was one of the first users of After Effects and was previous an Adobe certified instructor… so of course I use that. C4d’s integration with AE as well as Illustrator is awesome. I have VRAY but have been mostly using Octane and physical renderer.

Other support apps? Modo and 3DCoat. Bunch of plugins.



Front-end web developer/C4D generalist here. Not the usual combo. I was a big Flash guy (motion graphics and Actionscript) when it was relevant “back in the day”, so web development just kinda rolled into that by proxy. I first started messing around with C4D R7, which was probably around 2002, 15 years ago!!

I’ve been working full-time for pharmaceutical advertising agencies for the past 10 years now, officially as an Interactive Designer now Senior Developer. Unofficially, I get to do some C4D work. Thankfully, where I’ve been for the past 5 years, they’ve embraced my dual skill set, and I’ve had the chance to flex my C4D skills helping the creative teams create artwork that has been used for production and brand concepts.

Currently, I’m eyeballs deep in an instructional video for a yet-to-be-released medical device. Out of over 150 people where I’m at, I am THE Cinema 4D guy. It’s a TON of work, but I love it; R18 is smooth. I’m also running Octane on the nMP via eGPU both at home and at work. At home, I’ve got Zbrush and Substance Painter & Designer, and I’m looking forward to learning those better to integrate them into my workflow.


Full time freelance illustrator and 3d generalist since 2008. From logos to character design and simple rigging. I do animations and video editing too from time to time. C4d (mainly Octane this days), Zbrush, 3D Coat, Illustrator, Photoshop, AE, Clip Studio Paint… and the list goes on.


hobbyist , I love trying to get what is in my minds eye out to digital.



My primary job requires me (in part) to generate animations from CAD drawings.
Secondary job is freelance Photoshop / After Effects / C4D.
Tertiary time is hobby time / trying to build skills.

Dream job would be something along the lines of scientific / medical visualizations to simulate blood flow, DNA, virii, nanotubes / nanobots and all sorts of real-world stuff. I wonder if like the advertising agencies, the medical companies out there are hiring in-house designers.



Freelancer based in The Netherlands working together with other freelancers… (so please pm me if you are open for working together) Mainly focussed on technical animations and stills. C4D is my main app in use besides the Adobe range and Final Cut Pro… Sometimes I need PolyTrans for converting CAD stuff or I use MOI3D. I started my business in 2001 with Cinema 4D R7 (yeah!!!) and still going strong. Have being a beta tester for MAXON for a year or so.


Freelance graphic designer/digital illustrator, working for various clients in the movie and music industry. Everything from major labels/studios to indies.

Mainly working on album cover design, posters, promo clips. I also design websites to promote movies and bands/albums.

I use C4D, ZBrush, Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects) and Wordpress.

These days I render everything in Arnold, for me it has the features that I need and complete reliability, as well as producing amazing images.

Love my job.


Full time professional. Registered Architect in 2000 (in architectural profession since 1987). Started my own design/illustration firm in 2004.
I design and render: mixed use, theme parks, retail, stadiums, and large scale urban design projects globally.
I started with Photoshop 1996 + Bryce in 1999 then migrated to Cinema a year later.
On Cinema4d R18 now as well as Photoshop CS5
Really enjoy what I do. Cheers.


I use Cinema 4D / XSI since 2010 then I moved completedly into Cinema 4D after XSI demise (frell you Autodesk!)

I work as a senior 3D animator in America Television - Peru, I use X-particles, Realflow, Arnold and other apps like Zbrush / Xpression. C4D was somewhat ignored or overlooked by my coworkers, but I slowly integrated it into our pipeline because of its ease of use, and now they all moved into C4D.

I cant imagine anything better for daily production work.


On my 5th year being self-employed, content creator in form of stock animation I’m absolutely a 3D generalist, making living and progressing my c4d skill (slow like snail) also reaching my milestone with over 7 hours total worth of animation length.

Cinema 4D R16 Studio doing good with standard and physical renderer, I use c4d on daily basis, can’t wait for the next release of c4d with built-in ProRender that cpu+gpu rendering is game changer and look very attractive, for texturing tweak and minimal post-work I use Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements they are enough and cost efficient.

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