Some 3d Work, Ali Jamalzadeh (3D)


Title: Some 3d Work
Name: Ali Jamalzadeh
Country: United States
Software: Maya

Hi everyone,

here are the images i recently put up in the 3d section of my site. (, the girl is a poly model (obviously), the warehouse scene is a low poly game environment rendered in Maya (i did everything but modeling), and the forest is a lowpoly unreal 2004 level i made my graduating quarter at shool. and videos of all three subjects are in the animation section of my site. take a look and tell me what you think, as usual harsh critiques are encouraged.




Looks like a nice job with the lips :slight_smile:


Very nice modelling around the face for the girl- she has some nice expressions. The warehouse could look better with some more atmospheric lighting. It looks a little dull at the moment. Maybe some key lights to focus certain areas? The unreal environment looks pretty sweet- nice colours.


Very nice work. One crit I have on the girl, I think for the style of the character I would recommend polly modeling the hair rather then a simulation. It does not seem to match the rest of the character, though that could just be my preference. Great work.


here is the concept i made for the model, i should have posted this to begin with.


littleac- yea i should have been more specific and deliberate with the lighting in that scene

Akoa-actually the hair is polygons, i hand placed a fighteningly large number of opacity planes, rendering it constantly to check to make sure it works from every angle. it was really teedius.


Awesome! Great attention to detail. I love how you put a lot of work into the hands, even though the hands are not the main attraction for this character. The characters face is great, which goes without saying. Excellent modelling and texturing skills. Like your environments too. Good good stuff!


really nice work- great expressions, and those scenes are fantastic. lovely stuff.
beautiful drawings, too.


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