[SOLVED]Surface Deformer seems to not work on Matrix objects


I want to make several clones follow the surface of an object with the right rotation as the surfaces’ normal direction. I know I can do this very easy with the “Polygon Center” distribution but I want to retain the Honeycomb arrangement of my cloners. So I made a Matrix object and set my Cloner to Object mode with it but the cloners act unexpectedly when the Surface Deformer takes action.

What am I doing wrong ?


A matrix object has no geometry, so there is nothing to deform.

If I understand what you want correctly there a couple of options.
1: make a cloner in honeycomp formation. Put that in a connect object (weld disabled). Then you can use a surface deformer on that.
Downside is that the geometry of the clones will be deformed too and you can’t use instances.

2: Make an object with small and disconnected polygons in a honeycomb formation. Use a surface deformer on this to attach it to your surface. Use a cloner in object mode (polygon center) with this object.
Downside is that you’ll have some priorities issues and lagging. That can be solved by baking the object.


It worked! Thank you