[Solved] Dropdown List/Option as a User Data?



Is there an option for user data to be displayed as a dropdown list/option?
You can see what I am after here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8d7n77nb7imtnuh/c4d087_enum_list_attribute.jpg?dl=0

I use such option in Maya in create space switching for characters.
The closest I can find is

  1. As integer, but the downside is it’s as numbers. Not intuitive.
  2. As font, looks like what I want except that I could change the values excepts fonts.

Is there some option I am missing out or a better way of doing this in C4D?

Thank you for looking at my problem

Ben Traje


This should give you all you need to match your example from Maya.
In Manage User Data, Add Data, then choose:
Data Type: Integer
Interface: Cycle Button
Then in Cycle Option area, type out your list with a number and then each choice separated by a semi-colon for each line:
1;Line 1
You can then choose a Default Value if required.


Genius! Thanks for the response and the illustration.
Works as expected!