Solved a problem with shadow


i had a problem with shadow of daylight thru long (8m) window

trick is - to set area shadow width as long as window

there’s one light source in scene


Hi denee!

Nice picture you did! could you tell me, which radiosity settings you used? I’m having little difficulties with area shadows on my own lately, and though i think I got them right this time, it’s the radiosity that makes a bit fuss about it all…



Looks nice. What type of light are you using?


Hey it looks like this is the interiors month, great image!


Nice render, but the floor is a bit distracting. Well a lot distracting. If that’s supposed to be real timber, it would never be laid in that direction. Also, it seems to change direction near the window, which is the distracting bit.

Oh. I see. It’s the reflection from the vertical binds. Perhaps the reflection is a bit much for that type of flooring.



You should apply your theory to the giant VRay thread.

Nice render, looks cinema-radiosity-ish, but not as obvious as some.


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