[Solution!] Annoying camera tumble issue where the camera tumbles around itself instead of around the object


Hi All! I ran into an issue with tumbling where the camera would start moving around itself even if the user clicked F to focus it. The issue arose seemingly out of nowhere and I searched for a thread, but couldn’t find one with the issue. I did however, after switching settings for 20 minutes, find a solution which worked for me.

I selected the camera icon underneath the View tab, went to the attribute editor, went to local space, and set all the values for both Local Rotate Pivot and Local Scale Pivot to zero. Then I merely selected the object, hit F, and went on my way.

The previous value for the Local settings were in the thousands and didn’t change when I tumbled the camera, so I feel this is an adequate solution. If not, try looking under the camera attribute editor and changing some of the settings. Taking a look at the Tumble setting (under the same View tab) could help as well.

Hope it helped!