Solitude, Kentaro Kanamoto (2D)


Title: Solitude
Name: Kentaro Kanamoto
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

i thought i was doing speed painting for this piece, but ended up
spending many many more hours painting these ancient temples.
Painting temples in this perspective was bit difficult, but i had fun making this piece. Done all in Photoshop.

Comments and critique welcome.

Thank you


I really like the feeling of depth in this one.
Also - the cooler colors from the buttom that turning into warmer on the upper part of the image is very nice.
And of course the light effects on the landscape is awesome.

Really nice indeed.


I totally agree with Qunit!!
Love the temples and perspective.
The atmosphere really appeals to my imagination. It looks like some kind of remnant ruins of some lost civilisation that would have deserted the temples because the land was turning to a desert or because some kind of cataclysm occurred. It seems so lonely and quiet, I can almost hear the wind sweeping the land and rushing in the cracks… Fantastic angle btw.
I am really a fan of your works! I saw three already and all of them are top-notch imo. You’re truly talented. Keep it up and thanks for sharing!!


great angle, it gives a good idea on the scale. Nice work!


like the angle most…very nice…


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