SolidChamfer 2.2, free release


Dear C4D community,
With the new bevel tools available in R15, I feel that the market for my SolidChamfer plugin will not be large enough to warrant any further development. To ensure that the plugin remains accessible to those who have bought the plugin (and others who are interested in the plugin), I have decided to release the latest version as open source. The plugin is available here:

Go check it out! There are a few new features in this release compared to 2.1.

I originally developed the SolidChamfer plugin for my own modeling needs, because I felt the edge chamfering tools in C4D were lacking. I really believe that this functionality should be available in the core C4D package, and therefore I’m glad that MAXON has included such features in R15.

Best regards
/Filip Malmberg


Wow, that is really awesome of you! I love when people do this.

I can compile a Mac version, no problemo!

Thank you so much!



Thanks Andre,
You can find my email on the google code page.



You got mail!


How nice of you. :slight_smile:

/ Alex


Mac version is up now. Thanks André!



Thank you!
this is so generous of you!



Cheers, this is a generous move :beer: I have a license, but plugins are always a pain when you freelance on studio workstations. Great to know that I can use it anywhere now.


Thanks André, you are a very generous soul. Great asset to the C4D community


Thanks a lot. You guys are great!



Wow, great!
Thank you very much!

:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Just a note I need to recompile the plugin for R13 and R14. Currently it only works with R15 on OS X.

I’ll have the updated plugin sent to Filip in no time.

Sorry about that.


EDIT: I have sent the recompiled version to Filip so he can update the links on the Google code downloads page with the fixed version.


Thank u very much for your honorable gift!

I tried the Mac Version in
R 14.041 with Mac OS X 10.8.5

It doesn´t work

For someone it works great in R15 an OS X 10.6.8.

Is there anybody who can use it in R14 or R13 ?

Best regards


Great Andre!
Thank you very much!

:applause: :thumbsup: :bowdown:


Quick note:
I have recieved an updated OS X version from a André, and will upload it tonight when I get home from work.



The fixed OS X version is up now.



Great Filip!!!
Thank you very very much!

:applause: :thumbsup: :slight_smile: :applause:


I found this plugin few minutes ago.It’s amazing! But i’m so sad that it’s no available for Win R10.1 version:( ehhh I’m using R10.1 from many years, and rather i’ll have no chance to upgrade C4D to newer version…Is any chance to get SOLIDCHAMFER plugin for C4D R10.1 (Win) ?
Greetings and thank for your hardwork for C4D community:)


thank you!!! :bounce:


I’ll look into this and see what I can do.