Solid Snake mesh?


Hi all,

I was wondering of anyone who frequents these forums has a Solid Snake ,from MGS fame, mesh? Any format will do and i am willing to pay. I have looked on Turbosquid but have not found anything suitable. If i am not allowed to post this in here or have posted in the wrong forum, please delete/move my post as necessary. Thank you




hehe…i dont have that but i realy lke to have BIGBOSS model as well:)


be warned- ownership of the actual copyrighted model/game asset belongs with Konami, any attempt to reverse engineer the data is technically; illegal. This includes stripping the game disc and hacking the assets.

However; nothing to stop you making your own from 2d reference :wink:
There is plenty out there…
Good luck.


Yep, i am aware of that. I was after someones personal Solid Snake type mesh (willing to pay, like i said). I have looked but have found nothing too hot.



well brad if u read in the us copyright laws actually stripping the disk and taking the model is legal only if used in a purely educational manner. so if our boy took the model and made references of the wireframes and such, but didn’t rip the model off, he would be technically ok.


Stripping the disc??

“What-choo talking about Willis??”

Anyway, this sounds like it is getting dangerously into locking of thread territory, so maybe its best not to carry on with this line of banter. I am still after a mesh though…anyone.?..Bueller?



gunslinger; that might be unknown to me, seeing as I’m in the UK :shrug:

Thule: I hope you find the mesh somehow…


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