Soldier vs Alien, Charles Schneck (2D)


Title: Soldier vs Alien
Name: Charles Schneck
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

Hi all,

I’ve finally decided to take time in order to post some pics on my gallery. Here is a digital painting I made for a friend who is a huge alien’s fan. Hope you’ll like it. Of course, crits and comments are welcome.


very nice image… love it… rendering on alien is awesome… i dont know why u choose to paint human in different style… that looks lil out of space… rest of rendering is really got life… detailing on human face is also not happening(4me)… but i like it all together…


Very nice work and great lighting!!


Ah! Aliens… I just love those movies :slight_smile: Nice work.


Very dramatic!! You can see the fear in his eyes!
Love your work!



Nice image!! Well executed, and as always Aliens are cool!!


Hi, thanks for these nice comments!

@Vindow: I think I understand what you mean. Honestly, i guess it’s because of the hard time i had to make the character look like (a bit) the friend I spoke about, and try to keep in the same time the fear expression on his face when he feels the monster which has taken him from the rear. He won’t even have time to raise his heavy weapon…everybody knows it…alien…too close…too fast…:wink:

Happy you like it.


good job mate,i like the overall feeling of it!


This is just great! I love aliens as your friend does, and I tell you my friend, this is a master piece! I spent lot of time drawing that monster as well, if you have time check it out on my portfolio!


Very cool, love the expressions and lighting on the human character… I find the alien a bit too close up in the composition, putting both characters at the same distance from the camera, making the image slightly flat. Great job anyway :wink:


Great composition and lighting, good work.:slight_smile:


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