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For a museum in the Netherlands I’ve been working on two short animations about solar energy and nuclear energy. Solar is ready. The voice-over is in Dutch. Sorry for that. You can watch it at:

You’ll need the H.264-codec. (comes with QuickTime7)
Thanks a lot and tell me what you think.



All energy we use on our planet comes from the sun.
switch to sun
The sun has been shining for thousands of millions of years en it isn’t looking like it will stop soon.
Won’t the sun never get empty, like batteries? Where does it get his energy from and why does it keep on going?
At the surface of the sun it’s around 5000 degrees Celcius (9032 degrees Fahrenheit)
That’s five times as hot than liqiud steel. But for the real powerplant, we have to look at the core of the sun. switch to blue core inside
There the temperature can rise up to millions of degrees. In this hellish enviroment, atom cores are flying around like mad. All these colliding atom cores are the eventual source of all energy in the universe. They keep on colliding.
closeup at red atom core

i’d say “Goed gedaan, educate is de toekomst!”
3/4 of an atom core is Natrium (waterchemic, Symbol= N ,can’t translate this exactly)
the rest is helium(showing white atoms welding with the red). Most of the time the Natrium cores fly in opposite directions after a collision but sometimes they stick to eachother (animation of welding red cores). If that happens, another Natrium core sticks to it, wich creates a light helium core. When this collides with a same light helium core (animation of collision), in a flash one heavy helium core is created and two natrium cores (two red orbs floating by)
Switch to balance
the trick is , the mass of a helium core is 0.7% less than that of 4 natrium cores. Thus, mass has dissapeared and that mass has been transformed into light and heat according to Einstein’s famous formula E=MC2. Each second the sun transforms six billion million kilo’s natrium (600.000.000.000. , don’t know the alphanumberic notation) in 569.000.000.000 kilo’s helium. The missing kilo has been transferred to solar beams (switch to sun outer). This process is called core fusion and it has been going on for more than years. This means that one day the sun will eventually run dry on energy, but that is going to take very long. The sun has only reached halfway trough his life

This ends your lesson Dutch for today.


nou dat was leerzaam, maar ik weet niet of de buitenlanders hier er veel van zullen begrijpen.

Het is uiteindelijk een behoorlijk textueel clippie


Hi Vince,

Thanks for translating the voice-over. I thought about subtitling the whole thing but I would have done it just to suit this forum really and I didn’t think it was worth the effort. But you’re right I suppose, Dutch isn’t really a language that makes your heart bounce…


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