Softimage3D vs. SoftimageXSI_1.5


Hi, we have both apps (plus others: Max4 and Maya4) in our offices and I’m just newly introduced to these two (3D and XSI_1.5). Though I started months ahead using S3D.

Though I know that XSI is more advance, are there still some features in S3D that is considered worthy compared to XSI?

Or I just dump S3D and jut concentrate using XSI?

Thanks all!


I started on 3D and hated it so much I concentrated on learning Max instead. Then when XSI came out I gave it another chance and have never looked back. XSI is an outstanding package with so many quality features it would seem a shame for you to be still using 3D, you really would be missing out. That said alot of games companies still use in house versions 3D to produce PS2 titles, so its not compleetly dead and burried. The best advice though would be to sack them both off and get XSI 2, its F*****G amazing, and then some! Come to think of it there is a new version of 3D on its way, but I am sure someone else will know more about this as it has already been discussed on this forum.

Hope this helps



it’s 6 years i use Softimage 3D …and i really can’t find the time… to stop using Si 3D and learn well Xsi…
:hmm: but… sure… one day … i’ll enter the dark side of the force… :scream:


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