Softimage|XSI 6.0 announced


[Softimage]( has unveiled [SOFTIMAGE|XSI 6](, the latest version of its flagship 3D animation and character creation software. XSI 6 software introduces new solutions for accelerated animation that simplify working with 3D characters and motion capture data.  A new collaborative framework in XSI 6 software also allows 3D artists to work together non-destructively, in a studio environment that provides easy integration with other 3D applications.

SOFTIMAGE| XSI 6 will support the .NET framework and include integrated C#, an object-oriented programming language, popular with next-gen 3D game developers. The software also offers support for Python, a preferred scripting language used by technical directors for setting up film and visual effects pipelines. In addition, Softimage is working closely with industry partners to offer support for DirectX 10 hardware that will operate on Microsoft Windows Vista once it is available.


[b]Blur Studio says:[/b]

“At Blur, our animations and stories are becoming more epic and definitely more complex. We chose to fold SOFTIMAGE|XSI software into our established 3D pipeline for our latest animated short film, ‘A Gentlemen’s Duel.’ We needed a very organized structure for the complex 3D character rigging and a solid animation package,” said Tim Miller, President and founder of Oscar-nominated BLUR Studio.


“By introducing XSI into our pipeline, our artists were able to bring our characters to life while effectively managing over 1800 parts to each human rig. [b]Softimage performed like a champ[/b],” added Miller. 

Creating animated 3D visual effects, characters and 3D game titles for next-gen consoles – like the Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony PLAYSTATION 3 – is becoming increasingly complex. Because it is built on the newest code base of any comprehensive 3D application on the market, XSI software is best suited to operate with next-generation hardware and 3D game development and visual effects pipelines.


A dedicated toolset that offers extensive asset transfer to and from other 3D software, ideal for today’s mixed pipelines.

A streamlined way to transfer and move animation and motion capture data between arbitrary XSI rigs and other 3D software character rigs.

[b]Delta Referencing[/b]
A new lightweight production-level referencing solution that streamlines the process of working with and making changes to 3D models and scene set-ups.


[b]Elastic Reality Warper and Morpher[/b]
Built into the Illusion compositor in XSI 6 software, this intuitive solution allows artists to ‘distort’ and ‘morph’ images and sequences.

[b]Quick Shade[/b]
A fast way to preview rendering elements with large-scale materials management and support for mental ray 3.5 and a new open framework for integrating third-party renderers.



Pricing and Availability
SOFTIMAGE|XSI 6 is expected to be available by the end of December 2006 in the following configurations:

• SOFTIMAGE|XSI 6 Foundation will sell for $495 USMSRP from the Softimage web site ( or from authorized Softimage resellers.

• SOFTIMAGE|XSI 6 Essentials will sell for $1,995 USMSRP from authorized Softimage resellers.

• SOFTIMAGE|XSI 6 Advanced sell for $6,995 USMSRP from authorized Softimage resellers.

Once shipping, all versions will be available for download for upgrades from existing licenses or first time 3D customers at

Upgrade Promotion
With the launch of XSI 6, Softimage is offering a special, limited time upgrade promotion. All registered XSI Foundation customers can upgrade to XSI 6 Foundation for $395 USMSRP or XSI Essentials for $1,495 USMSRP until December 20. 2006.

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sweet !! I know some that will be very happy with that, christmas will be good to them this year. :slight_smile:


Looks promising… I can’t wait to see the full changes list. :bounce:


gosh, I’m such an xsi fangirl!! LOL Can’t wait to see more!


How about fixing those links on the article page?


i’m slightly disappointed that we’re now at v6 but they still didn’t fix the particles to something more sophisticated.


Honestly that press release looks full of big words but i understood half of what it’s written there. I’ll wait until i see a more detailed explanation of the new features and a complete list of what’s new.


WoW! promotion upgrade for Foundation. If that pans to be true i am on the boat right now instead of in a year or more.


I think I would be more disappointed if they gave us a particle system that was not fully ready and done correctly from what I saw at the private Siggraph event they are heading in the right direction.


Thanks Santa!!! Extra cookies for you!


damn, I can’t load the page. Can anyone tell me what’s it about?


I’m sorry, but what’s this private Siggraph event that you keep mentioning? Haven’t read anywhere else about this.
Is it the user group event that they showcased improved character playback, multiple render regions etc? Don’t think anything related to particles was shown there.

Anyway, the Softimage website is down once again. :smiley: Happened when they announced v5 and v4 too if I remember correctly.


I`m terribly dissapointed. Really. What came up in XSI 6 is exactly what most of Veffect houses people where saying: XSi is heading more and more to Motion builder area… Come on! I heard about particles… and now what? Elastic Reality? How old is it? Come on! Exporters??? come on! :slight_smile: I love XSI… but it is breaking my heart… It makes Autodesk Life much easier…



yep, hopefully they are updating it with lots of nice videos!!


That’s why it is called a private event. As in, invitation only and not open to the public.


I’m still running 4.2! These new-fangled updates keep coming out too fast for me to buy them! Can’t wait to see a feature list.


hell yeah!! :buttrock:


Great news … Can’t wait to see what’s new …


yeah - more bugs, more pain…


Argh!! This article link is dead…wtf!