Softimage. its marketing and policies


Hmmm…softimage nice but shady

Hey the recent price drop for softiamge seems pretty nice … a freaking no brainer

I aslo think they should not over look some of the students who t bought there app and extended some kind of up grade offer if there is any

I just think its fair buisness


What are you talking about?

Student buys Advanced Version for $295…

Could have bought Foundations Version for $495, if they had waited. And that’s being shady? I don’t understand all these whiners.



XSI Foundations at $495 is such a steal.

XSI Advanced at $295 just blows my mind.

I do wonder if Avid will compensate for the people who bought the program just recently though(not edu). Seriously, they did slash the price quite a bit (yes, that’s an understatement).


Im saying they should not bar anyone off …offer an upgrade to the students…cheesh they could have at least thrown in some dvds for a price cut

look at it this was foundation is really selling for like 300 bucks or so if you minus the dvds

exactly my point …i mean mail those people some dvd’s at least or give up some free support

the people who bought first may not have been the rihest people but were loyal customers who used and always used xsi don’t think they should b abandoned especailly if thy bought recently


Let me get this straight: you say that students who paid $295 for a product that CURRENTLY sells for $6995 aren’t getting a fair deal from Avid?



im saying them offer them an upgrade not saying now but when they decide not to be a student anymore Bwahhahaa

Some people are faithful to there licensing agreement you know

if its possible for some people to pay say anywhere betwennn 200-300 for an upgrade to say foundation or more money according to the desired package …whats wrong with that?

seems like a win win for everyone to me

I don’t think its crazy just another buisness venture that benefits both:)


Guess that you’re not aware that that has always been the SI policy. Is likely still the policy. When I purchased my Acad Version, it gave me the ability to buy Essentials Commercial license for the standard price, minus the money I spent on the Academic Version. Why don’t you email SI and see if they are still doing that, before you start talking bad about them. Otherwise, who is being shady?


Im am just my way of being and american and lobbying first :smiley:

what really is getting me is that…i was planing to buy the dvd set to get up to speed…but now i could do that and get a licnesed version of the app to make some money hopefully but i don’t have that money right now it sucks boy does it suck


Bob and Tommy decide they might like to do 3D.

Bob is currently enrolled in community college and can buy a $7000 application for $300.

Tom has to work full-time and cannot afford college. Despite the fact he would also be a “student” of 3D, he doesn’t get the $5700 discount and therefore have to make do with a limited PLE.

The Company decides to make the low-end version $500 instead of $2000. Now Tom can afford it, and learn just as effectively as Bob can.

And Bob complains because somehow he’s getting screwed!?

My god, the gall some of you students have.



hey hey hey college time is the most broke period of ur life …i just wanna see if i can make some money to buy getting and upgrade…but from what jdex sed if they give you a minus thats cool

bob isn’t complaining about getting screwed just wants to see if he can get a small bone thrown his way

leave those mastercard commercails alone…funny little dialogue tho :applause:


Could someone clarify this please?

Is this offer time limited, ie “this month only!!”??


SpeccySteve…nothing thats my mistake i read something wrong while flying through the softimage site


does the student licence expire once they graduate?


I can’t believe that some people can find fault in regards to the academic version’s cost/upgrade plan.

I’m over the moon at this, I treally am. I’m an older student just now and will finish my course by xmas. Now I can happily continue to use XSI, to afford it, and to be able to even makle some money while I scout around for jobs. Why? cause they’ve just gone and made a seamless transition for people like us who are in college, to be able to own the software in a realistic way after our studies finish.


I maybe able to shed some light on this. After talking to Ziah it looks as though it sn’t the version of the software that he is sore about, more the inclusion, or lack of it of the tutorial DVD’s. It seems a few months ago he could afford the student version (which didn’t come with training material), but couldn’t afford Foundation. Now Foundation is just a little more than the student version and comes with the DVD’s.

In his best case Ziah would have liked to have afforded the Foundation version now, with the 5 DVD set, but can no longer afford it even at the reduced cost, and is afraid that the offer will end before he can afford it.

Perhaps a poor choice of words in the title and post, but I don’t think it was meant as bad as it sounds.

But as a man I once knew would say … that’s the way the cuckoo crumbles :shrug: :slight_smile:


Cool, I am seriously tempted by this.

Support and upgrades or not, the chance to have a full legit licence of a decent 3D package for less than a high end video card seems too good to pass on, especially with a stack of training dvd’s thrown in…

I’m impressed by this really, until this morning I had ruled out XSI freelancing as an option simply because of the pricetag, it has now become a very attractive option.



seccy it is a good fast easy to learn package go for it i would have if i could:sad:


what the hell it seems now that they are offering the 5 dvd set with the student versions AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH anger anger anger

am i reeading wrong?


yah your right :slight_smile: sucks for someone in your position


haha dread i wish you good fortune whereever you go:twisted:

uhh my heaart:sad:

hmm i bought my package about two weeks ago recieved it a week ago…how are the people at softimage?? Do you think they will allow me to be eligible?

Jaco? or sheep factory? not to call on you but maybe you would know …I figure you guys have some hands here and there and may have come incontact with softimages team nore than anyone here.

i can’t even do the pdf tuts right now …my heart …lol