Softimage hair guides to Maya


Hi everyone!

I am relatively new to Softimage and am currently working on a model that has a lot of fur.
Problem is I have to create a version for Maya as well. So before I go and start the fur from scratch in Maya, I would like to know if somebody knows of a way to convert Softimage hair guides to curves that I can import into Maya and use as guides with Shave and Haircut?

I have tried to export the guides as many different formats, including FBX and IGES. But no luck. It seems like XSI doesn’t really count the guides as real curves so I haven’t had much luck.
I have also tried to use geometry instances for the hair, which I wanted to convert to geometry and export that, so that I can extract curves from the geo in Maya. But since the instances can only be seen during render time, I have had no luck with converting them either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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