Now tha ive lost the battle

Anyone selling any of theirs used? for reduce price?

I have some questions i come from a lw based workflow interms of texturing…so at first xsi texturing seems like the twilight zone for me

I got better from the tuts but i don’t still understand many concepts yet…

apart from dvds i bin on ed hariss’s site but din’t find any thing really

i just really want to understand the basics or phong blinn and lambert etc why…and what they all mean …sounds stupid but like i sed diff work flow

Which of the official dvd’s are better to help me render basics 1 or two

i understand creating projectings and mappping im more interested in learning how to write shaders etc


I don’t want to seem rude but… I read in your profile that you are from NYC, so I assume you should be fluent in english.
Could you possibly edit your post, or post a reply, so that it makes more sense?
I’m not being picky, I truly have a problem tring to understand what you are asking about.
the form is not exactly victorian english, and when you add on top of that that I have to parse your post through babel fish (set to urbanl33t0->english) before I can actually figure out the words, the result is that I don’t really feel like I’m up to the task of helping you.

you say that you want to understand texturing, that you understand projections, but you conclude saying you want to WRITE shaders.

now… I’ve done my fair share of development, and I don’t know of any IDE that would take that kind of lazyness and disrespect for words.
my guess is that, Intel’s compiler and GCC all would refuse to include headers called <broofdahotahlib> or correctly preprocess a pointer to *disshat

have a bit of respect and spend more then 30 seconds writing the post and we’ll all be glad to do our best to help you out.


oopsie?? yeah i know its a bad habbit of mine when im on forums on the net…maybe cause im mostly watching some vid or reading something else at the same time …sometimes i go back and don’t understand some of my post its so embarassing:)

…when i sed write shaders i mean’t creating a surface using umm porcedurals and materials etc i guess?? as in saying i wanted to create a skin shader ?


by the way clarify please (set to urbanl33t0->english) ???


first step:
you will find free tutorials in the learning section from Kim Aldis and Todd, relatively about building a shading net to exploit textures and about toonshading+rendertree.
then download the mental ray white paper by Dave Lajoie’s.

Kim and Dave go about rendering in a very technical way, and especially Kim overdoes a lot of things in his videos (so don’t get scared, things are not that complicated), but he does so to explain how things work.

Kim is also known for his intolerance to anything but Shakespeerian english, so don’t try and write to the author :wink:


Ok check this out ziah. Please read it carefully so you grasp all of the concepts.

There is a punctuation mark called a period. It looks like this . You use periods to end sentences which is basically a complete thought. <-- notice the period there? Also, now this might be a radical idea, but words have a specific way to be spelt. Take “materails” for example it is actually spelt “materials”. I’m sure most people will understand what you’re saying if you use something that looks similar to proper grammar but in your case you haven’t. So before you write your next post turn of your video and put down your book. Take the time to think out your post. It will help us understand which will make it easier for us to help you.


dvae ncie to meet yuo too:)

on that see you tomorrow Im’ going to try get some stuff done …seee you 2morrow same time same place maybe we can continue dave


Numbers are not letters. If you are reading english to aol while posting, please stop for the sake of the world.


I’m very disapointed that you’ve jumped to comclusions about a persons time spent composing his or her’s posts. The Question was valid and it is obvious that the person has problems with spelling. I have dislexia and have been fortunatley diagnosed with the condition from an early age. So I have had help from people that don’t judge me! It has sometimes hindered my abilities to grasp theories from text books. I learn alot quicker on the job or from audio tapes and dvd’s.

At the same time if you don’t grasp the post it is OK to send a polite email to the person asking them to re organise the the sentance or point out a good free spell checker. Not all of us use cracked versions of Word or MS office.

Please in the future think before you judge.



Bah! You at least have some sense of grammar and “thinking thoughtfully before you post”. I could care less about a mispelling or two in haste… or even a large grouping of them when there is a language or disability barrier, but Ziah’s comment:

oopsie?? yeah i know its a bad habbit of mine when im on forums on the net…maybe cause im mostly watching some vid or reading something else at the same time …sometimes i go back and don’t understand some of my post its so embarassing.

basically tells me that he/she is not a professional and has no interest in getting help from professionals. This lack of concern about effectively communicating is unacceptable in a professional forum. I think I’ll stay on my grammatically correct high-horse.

BTW, insinuating that anyone is using craked copies of M$ Word for spell checking is now on my list of top 100 stupidest things read on a forum.


To be honest here; between the manuals, SI’s tutorials, Ed’s site and a few others, there’s enough training material out there to warp your head for a good many months.

What I do is when I need to go further in understanding something, is to scour the Web for anything that sounds related to what I’m trying to do; read over some of the messages on the XSI mailing list (you won’t believe how much of what you might need to know has been gone over in the past); and also, to just go into XSI and experiment.

Good luck.



Seeing how i have arguably disrupted the nature of things that go on here, I have come to the conclusion that you guys as professionals in some cases have to much time on your hands. I will admit that whenever im on cgtalk or any online forum by chance, i type away without caring what i say. In many cases it is a result of me trying to multi-task which seemingly has upset most of the “professionals” in this forum. I am sometimes to lazy to correct them if i believe they are typos like a letter being out of placed.

Main reason is cause my dumb self knows that the avg humans reads words as words and not going letter by letter and im to lazy with my typing

I guess i did not take the seriousness of this matter to heart

I do apologize for mixing numbers with letters like saying 2day or 2morrow which obviously is clear if you just pronounce it, but for clarity i will try to be more professional and not mix my letters with numbers.

I do not have problems spelling (since last i check always did very well in english and math)
I do sympathize with thirstydevil very good points
I do not have dislexia
I din’t know this was such a professional forum
and upon review…
I do not believe that it is professional forum but a place where hobbyist, professionals, freewilling and ordinary people who aren’t the slight bit interested in creating 3d but love it, all come to talk share ideas and recieve help.

I do wish that after my post a mod will close the thread and make it a sticky for all to learn not to make my mistake

and lastly…

I do understand after this incident if you professionals cannot be professional enough to offer mio (french for me :rolleyes:) some help if i am asking a question

and ps jaco thanks for helping me after all still don’t understand what the urban thing means tho

and dvae thnak yuo 4 takin tmie 2 gvie me n <- - englsih lesson:eek: (now go save the world)

"and i din’t read over this one as it maybe the last post i make with out reading over " so if there is a typo oppsie


and i can’t believe wasted my time doing that …oh well back to more vids and tuts


Ziah… it’s not something that can’t be rectified… but generally when someone posts without some appreciation for effective communication, it makes people unwilling to even read your posts. Actually some people will just add you to the ignore list and move on.

CGTalk is a professional community… it says that specifically in the “Before Posting” review on the reply & new post form pages (#3)… also it has been addressed repeatedly in several of the individual forums by the admins and mods and if memory serves also is mentioned in the terms of service. Generally it’s not a big deal, but in the XSI forum you will likely see less acceptance of it than in the general discussions forum. One reason for this is that many of the people who frequent our little sub-community are busy working pros who do not have patience to read things like l33t speak or posts with out proper capitalization, structure and/or grammar.

I would recommend reviewing the sticky at the top of this forum, which addresses “think before you post”… although I don’t believe that it spends much of it’s focus on effective communication, it should apply equally. Don’t forget that you may be communicating with a future employer on these forums and that how you post is a reflection on who you are in the eyes of the reader.



it won’t become a sticky because it was no public stoning neither temptative to set an example or something like that.

in all honesty I’m glad you’ve been sport for this; it was obvious you had no learning or typing impedment, otherwise nobody would have ever commented about it (if you take the time to thumb through all my 1100+ posts I don’t think I’ve ever made much of a fuss about people’s grammar or spelling, and I don’t remember ever seeing much about it from Dave either).

quite often I also get tempted to start contrapting and typing faster, and I do for a couple of daunting words, but there’s a thing that I learnt over several years of intarweb, that is if you want somebody to help you at least spend some time to write properly.

Proper english and the so called netiquette tend to make a post easier to read, and the answer will usually be spot on the first time around if whoever replies has a clue.
when something is confused and poorly written I know in advance that the thread will become a table tennis match just to understand what in hell that person is asking, and I usually decide I can’t be arsed from the beginning.

to shrink it down: the more direct and clearer the post the better and faster you get an answer. It’s a win win isn’t it?

last but not least, this whole thing wasn’t about professionalism or pretending to be elite (altho I make a living out of 3D, where my income comes from means nothing on a forum), but I’m glad it happened if I’ll be able to read your next post without babelfish :slight_smile:

r3370/l3370 , read leeto, is one of the so called internet slangs used by hacker wannabes and confused AOL users in their teenage all over the world, urbanl3370 is the one you get when you mix it with the gangstah wannabe slang of spoiled white kids tring to look like if they grew up in a ghetto where they had to fight for their lives.


As you can see thristydevil this has nothing to do with a learning disability. This is about someone being lazy and inconsiderate of other users. In one of ziah’s post I honestly have no idea what hes trying to say because it looks like a bunch of random ideas thrown together. If you want help you can clearly see that jaco, myself, and many other users here are willing to give it if we can understand what you’re asking. If you have a question take the extra minute or two to clearly state your problem so we can help you faster.


good morning to you to dave :slight_smile:


Gavin strums his guitar and hands out Webster’s Dictionaires (complete with pressed flowers inside) to everyone

La, La, La, La


All the points u guys have are valid. Proper grammar and spelling will help you get your point across quickly. But if you have the time to reply with so much vigor over the typo errors then you must be killing time. I also have spent the last 6 years as a 3d professional and I think that the early flaming of this artist (beginner/whatever) struck a nerve. I can remember how hard I found LW at first (This was also compounded with my learning difficulties, especially from text). Now I’m using XSI it is very different. My only saving grace is I have a core of XSI’ers around me that can tell me the work flow do’s and do not’s.

My point. It’s a life choice. Everyone is Innocent before proven guilty. OK Ziah is guilty and we can slap his wrists.

Also… Everyone starts as a hobbyist or amateur. Or comes background where 3d is a natural step. When a 16-17 year old is learning to drive and is on the road in front of you do you get road rage?

I’m not posting on this thread again. And reading this though I guess it sounds judgmental. Just like the flames did when I first read your replies.


I’m glad I made your top 100 stupid quotes on a forum. Nice to see you have a top 100. I have a top 100 beers and a top 100 women I’d like to bed. But a top 100 quotes on a forum.

Keep professional


Oh PPS. Spell checked by M$


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