Softimage drops price of XSI


This is the best news I’ve read in a !LONG! time.


Holy frijoles, Batman!

It’s still fairly expensive for Essentials but methinks I will finally be getting Foundation now. At least it’s a step into the XSI world and it will be a huge leap from using EXP.:slight_smile:

[EDIT] Just went to the Softimage Store. When I click to add Foundation to the cart it lists the price as $565 US. Thought it is suppose to be $495 including the DVDs…???


It’s great to see this happening, and it’s a very wise move for Softimage :slight_smile: It’s been interesting to watch their increasingly aggressive marketing evolve over the last year or so, and now more and more people can have access to the fantastic toolset that XSI offers.


I’m so lame,I almost cried.

Seriously I only got one question because they already made my day…Mental Ray?

Edit:2 CPU mental ray® v.3.3 rendering :smiley:

Expect an explosion on the user database.


Man, I sure picked the right time to start learning XSI :smiley: methinks things are about to get very bloody in the battle for marketshare - who’s betting that Discreet finally realises that Max is gonna have to drop significantly in price just to compete?


wow!! this is simply amazing. My first thought is me=buy. My second thought is games/vfx market=xsi


foundation DOES NOT lack the SDK, it lacks the CDK (CharacterDevelopmentKit).
it’s a set of tools to ease scripting for rigging and getting as primitives some standard subcomponents of rigs (only an arm, a foot with footroll and so on).

it also lacks the possibility to edit SCriptedOPerators, but it will load them and apply them just fine from other scenes or plugins.

Script and the SDK are in no way removed.
they ARE there and functional.


This is really amazing. I’m a diehard max user, but i was exposed to XSI in school and loved it. This is making me seriously think about picking up a seat of XSI. It’ll be really interesting to watch discreet and alias try to match this. I’m waiting with bated breath to see what happens next… :slight_smile:




for the cost of a single seat of LW, you can get THREE seats of XSI Foundation

for the cost of a single seat of Maya Complete, you can get FOUR seats of XSI Foundation

for the cost of a single seat of MAX, you can get SEVEN seats of XSI Foundation, or almost TWO seats of XSI Essentials!

so what part of “no brainer” is unclear?

I think that Avid has made a BRILLIANT move, making XSI almost an impulse buy for some people. I predict a LOT of units getting moved at SIGGRAPH. I might even buy a copy myself!


Hi everyone,

i’m a A:M user and like everyone else here i think this aggressive marketing move from Avid is the best news i’ve heard so far. I wanted to discuss this with other A:M users in our own forum and posted the news with a link to this message in the thread ‘Looking for reliable alternative to A:M’ ( But just a few minutes later my message got deleted and Wegg closed this thread. Why are we A:M users the only one that can’t discuss this hot news ? It seems that in every other Application forum people can talk about it and what it means for their own software because it will surely have a big impact on the whole CG industry !

Best regards



I understand your feelings but I don’t know the situation in the AM forums, so I can’t and won’t comment.
I have to ask you though, to not bring forum local problems into a news thread that was doing fine insofar.
if you think anything done to you was unfair please bring it to the attention of the moderator or eventually of an administrator.



Awesome news…


Can’t help thinking that price drops of this nature are starting to look like what deskjet companies did with deskjet printers… that is… make the initial unit cost low but ongoing upgrades high… (ink)…

Anybody know the price upgrade for XSI?.. Maya’s upgrade pricing is pretty steep… so they have lower entry costs… but high maintenance costs (LW in this regard is suppose to be the best)…

I didn’t think too hard about the ongoing cost of upgrades… and that seems to be holding me back from upgrading from 5 - 6…


crosses fingers for a pricewar
crosses fingers for a pricewar
crosses fingers for a pricewar
crosses fingers for a pricewar

…c’mon Alias…


Holy Muffins!!

Awesome news! :expressionless:

Must…Start…Learning…XSI! :bounce:


This is really very insane. In a good way I mean.
I do wonder about any applications out there that are modeling applications only. The XSI modeling tools are really a joy to work with. I know people who preferr it to anything else.

Those modeling apps that are under 300 dollars I would think are pretty safe… but you would have to offer a whole heck of a lot to charge more then the 495 being offered here. I can’t think of any other app that has the tools right now to charge more. Not saying anything about any apps that aren’t released yet of course.


Avid is one savvy business entity, and this is a major move. Surely a noticable number of studios and large operations will now plan to shift over to XSI at the next convenient time. For a lot of places only inertia keeps folks tied to Maya and Max, and once everyone’s current project wraps up and it’s time to decide on what software to use on the next project…

A big win for consumers :slight_smile:


hey, I am a student and I was wondering what contained more software / potential the student version or this one?

the student version is basically the XSI advanced package right? accept you cant use it for commecial use ( which i dont intend to ). SO i was just wondering is this more bang for your buck for someone in my position ? even though its the full license I wont be making a profit of the package. Which should I go for? I know the foundation package comes with the dvds, but I can buy the dvds seperate with the student package and I think it comes out cheaper still.



I second that!

Haha, they should at least have a “$5 Off Sale” so that Maya is $1 cheaper again.


hey this is pretty amazing

I was wondering though, for someone who is a student and does not plan to make any money of their work at the moment, what is better to buy this or the student version? The student version is the same as XSI ADVANCED, accept you cant use it for commercial purposes right?. Is Foundations with the full licence similar, in terms of what comes with the package? I know it comes with the dvds, but I think i can buy the student version and the dvds seperately and it still comes out cheaper. So is it better for someone like me just to stick to the student versions since it offers more ?



This is great. They are giving us options based on the different needs of individual 3d professionals from freelance designers to large scale 3d studios. This packaging setup suits web designers to Hollywood FX types of 3d professionals. This is a real eye opener. Way to go Softimage.

I was always saying to myself how much I liked XSI but that it had way too many options for my needs as a web designer. I see that they are looking a the bigger 3d design market picture now.

You will still need a proper multi CPU Xeon or Opteron workstation setup to house this thang in though. Hehehe.