Softimage drops price of XSI




DAMN!!! $495 for foundation XSI? that is damn cool! very very competitive.


XSI Essentials is now 5$ cheaper than Maya Complete, same happens with XSI Advanced, now 5$ cheaper than Maya Unlimited.


You also get the Production DVD for FREE if you buy now. I didn’t realize HELL froze over, and pigs were flying.



OH MY GOD! Now that I can afford. Seriously…If I weren’t so comfortable in my chair right now I’d be dancing a jig. :wink:


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Oh yeah, im so glad i didn´t put my order for Foundation last week hehehe.

Thanks Avid :thumbsup:



Go Avid! Go Avid!

Hopefully Alias will follow?


geez, that’s some aggressive pricing structure. For $495 you can join the XSI club and it looks like it’s getting even tougher for some other 3D companies to compete now.

At that price, you don’t have to think twice about adding XSI to your toolset now.

I bet the people who bought XSI only recently are probably kicking themselves now, but maybe they will receive a free upgrade or something.

Speaking of upgrading, is the maintenance plan the same though ?


[font=arial][size=2]What are “the advanced character rig systems and SDK” in essentials and how is that different from foundation?


Holy crap! :bounce:


I don’t believe it, $495 for foundation? I’m speechless. That is pretty damn amazing.

I can now afford to go from edu to a full commercial licence.

happy days :slight_smile:


Just saw that there’s a downloadable version of 4 for those that want to try it out. very nice.


Heck, and I thought that Softimages marketing campaign up until now has been agressive, this’ll really set the cat amongst the pigeons :slight_smile:

I’ll be very interested to see what Newtek and Discreet do price wise now. Despite the inevetable claims from some LW and MAX users that XSI-Foundation and XSI-Essentials are just cut down and severly crippled versions of XSI-Advanced and so you can’t compare them to full versions of LW or MAX, the fact remains that as of now you can get versions of XSI that are IMHO much better than these other “full” versions (at what I would call the basics) at a considerable lower cost.

Making in-roads into Maya may take a bit longer. Maya has a much bigger user base and a considerable reputation in some areas (i.e. films). Softimages agressive attempts at building a user base quickly (free specialised versions, much reduced price, and identifying with a much anticipated game) look to be bearing fruit. The next stage is to start providing a good training base, the Production Series DVD’s being an excellent start.

I also wonder how this will effect Luxology’s Modo ? To stand a chance they will have to have more features than free programs like Wings and the very reasonably priced Silo, but at a price low enough that it is attractive to buy, in what has turned out to be a modeller rich environment. But now they find themselves (as a modelling only program) competing with what I would consider one of the most complete modellers out there, which also happens to be excellent at texturing, animating and rendering, all for $495 :eek:

And no, I don’t begrudge buying XSI just a few months ago before this price drop, but I did begrudge paying the yearly subscription cost for MAX just a couple weeks ago :smiley:

The Chinese saying, “May you live in interesting times”, was originally meant as a curse, but I think it is turning out to be a blessing for the 3D community. :thumbsup:


Please, will someone tell me what the Advanced Character stuff is/does??


I remember thinking if Foundation was just a crippled version, but it’s not though, it really is a complete package. The way Softimage put it together, it’s really suited for nearly most people, IMO.

Thing is, woth this price point, it’s almost free if you were going to buy the 5 DVD training kit. lol


Yes please!!!


I’m not sure about the SDK bit, haven’t got that far yet.
But the “advanced character rig systems” are just the pre-built rigs that ship with the higher two versions. ALL the tools needed to make those rigs are in the Foundation edition, it’s just that you have to assemble them yourselves :slight_smile:

Honestly, I’ve never seen a “starter” version of a program that had so many of the tools of the highest version. In fact the way it works is that they are all the SAME version, it’s just your licence code determins what features are turned on or off, so for example the NLA tools in foundation are exactly the same as those in Advanced.


:eek: I was totally wondering what I was going to do when I graduate to pay for the upgrades to commercial versions of the software I have. Definitely a no brainer to add Softimage to anyone’s arsenal, imho.

waits to see what Discreet, Newtek, and Alias do…


Character Developemnt Kit are pre built rigs and rig pieces which come with XSI. Very cool feature, but I bet most users can live without it. You can built indentical rigs using standard XSI tools, which all are included in foundation.


Does anyone know if this means the SDK is being removed from Foundation?

It used to come with it; and according to their website, it still does. But that press release seems to infer that you need Essentials to get it.

Oh, well, I’ll find out tomorrow.