Softimage Announces XSI 7 with ICE


well I have to say that this thread is very entertaining to read while working.
My experience:

As a non scripter, so far I have been limited in many ways, to do what I sometimes had in mind. Thats 100% related to the fact that I can’t script…besides the fact that my school math got kind of rusty in the last decades.

So I had the chance to try the beta of xsi7. The stuff I was able to do with it was just amazing. Creating very complex particle sims, creating custom deformers was very very easy. It’s a lot of fun guys! Trust me :wink:

I wanna say thanks to Softimage for this upcoming release. Props to you guys!


what id rather see than a procedural modelling system in xsi ( atleast for now ), is the ability to use ice to completely replace the schematic view and use ice for all of the rigging setup. make it all procedural. reason i say this is because i just watched the fire making video and the way he made the compound at the end with only the controls he wanted, by easily dragging and dropping is something that im sure would appeal greatly to people that animate really complex creatures, or mechanical objects/environments. at the same time, i hope that ice can be applied to environment lighting setups. make a single pane with only the controls that you want to see shown to the user, for easier control of a scenes lights.

houdini does this throughout the entire application with digital assets, and id love to see this happen throughout the entire xsi as well. ( i actually prefer the simplicity of the xsi setup ( even though houdini seems to have a lot more options for creating custom panes. )

im sure it will come in time.


my friend andreas posted some vids…


Here’s a video showing some particle<–>mesh interaction:


i love him


o.O simply nice


mybe it will used in modeling
do you have an idea ?


With all the attention given to ICE, the other new features of XSI7.0 have gotten a little snowed under. I had hoped to see some demonstrations given of the new MentalRay features during the live launch event. Can we still expect these or is ICE paramount?


What, no lumberjacks?
Great work, as always Andreas!


Other new features other than ICE, including the new MR and Color Management Tools



Thanks vmpre! I read through that page some time ago.
However I had hoped to see some video demonstrations of new features other than ICE during the Live Launch event.


one new quick question. how does mental ray scale with cores now? has it improved since earlier versions? when i last used xsi, using 2 cores over just a single one gave an improvement between 25-50% ( usually closer to 25% ) so i am wondering what kind of performance we could expect with a 4 core machine.


It can use all cores for rendering with mentalray. My 8 cores go 100%.
I think even v5.xx could use all cores… or maybe before it.


I still would love to see some goodness with a character rig and deformations driven by ice, maybe a muscle sim…

Thiago anything for us ?



Who cares if it goes up to 100% cpu usage. How much FASTER is it compared to when only using 1 core?


Did some mental ray tests a while ago going from a fast (I think 3.4GHz) single core to my 2.66GHz 8 core. Scaling was almost linear. I think it varied from about 6.8-7.4 times faster. Not quite 8 times, but pretty close.



so we can assume its about 85+ % per core. thats pretty good. and yeah, thats what i meant too, how efficient is it about using the cores, and not if it goes to 100% usage :).


Hi guys,

We’ve just posted a whole new set of demos for Softimage ICE showing the possibilities of the new architecture. We’ve also let the cat out of the bag regarding ICE Kinematics - showing rigging tools built with ICE.

New demos include:

  • Crowds Navigating Waypoint Graphs
  • Verlet Integration for Cloth and Soft Body Dynamics
  • Linear Blend and Dual Quaternion Skinning
  • Particles – Continuous Collision Engine
  • Particles – Growing Plants and Grass
  • Particles – Strand Dynamics
  • ICE Kinematics – Rigging Constraints
  • ICE Kinematics – Rigging IK
  • ICE Kinematics – Rigging Spines
  • ICE Kinematics – Rigging a Dynamic Tail

Enjoy! :slight_smile:



Today, I joined to the club! :applause: Thanks Softimage and CGSociety! :thumbsup:



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