Softimage Announces XSI 7 with ICE


[b]UPDATE: 17 July 2008

Join us for the XSI 7 Online Launch at

>> Worldwide XSI 7 Online Launch Event <<

Hi guys,

   It's a big day. We're announcing XSI 7. 
   XSI 7 introduces ICE (Interactive Creative Environment), a groundbreaking technology that transforms XSI from just another 3D product into a powerful and flexible open platform.
   [b]ICE - New in XSI 7[/b]
   ICE (Interactive Creative Environment) is an open, scalable platform that allows anyone to extend the capabilities of XSI quickly and intuitively using a node-based dataflow diagram. This paradigm means that 3D artists can create complex 3D effects and tools extremely quickly without writing code. Powering ICE is a high performance parallel processing engine that takes advantage of multi-core workstations – a first for a general 3D architecture – giving users utmost performance and scalability. The result is a giant leap forward in production efficiency and consistency, enabling higher production standards.

[left]The ICE environment – XSI functionality is displayed using a node-based dataflow diagram. Each node has specific capabilities. Users connect nodes to create a desired effect. A group of nodes can be packaged together into a “compound”, which is displayed as a single node. As a result, highly complex tools can be deployed and re-used without writing code.

More New Features

[li]Support for mental ray v.3.6 with new rendering ‘stand-ins’ that will allow users to offload objects along with rigged and animated characters to the disk until render time, resulting in light-weight scene assembly for much larger rendered scenes, and optimized controls for final gathering and global illumination[/li][li]Delta II a major update to the lightweight referencing system in SOFTIMAGE|XSI, with enhanced support for clusters and cluster properties, including materials, textures and UVs[/li][li]RTS III – a new Real-Time Shading architecture that will allow fragment and vertex shaders to exist in one node, and will be programmable and controllable from any ICE attribute[/li][li]And more…[/li][/ul]XSI 7 will ship this quarter (before 30 September 2008). A demo will be available soon for download.

  [&gt;&gt; SOFTIMAGE|XSI 7 &lt;&lt;](
  [b]XSI Foundation Discontinued as a Standalone Product[/b]
  Another announcement -- Softimage is discontinuing XSI Foundation as a standalone product.
  [Here is a notice to XSI Foundation users](
  Until 30 September 2008, all XSI Foundation customers (including version 4.x, 5.x and 6.x customers) are eligible to upgrade to XSI 7 at the lowest prices ever offered. Please contact your [Softimage reseller]( or Softimage Sales for pricing and details.


nICE. Are you going to offer a demo for those who would like to try XSI 7?


Congratulations on the release.
Pretty phenomenal stuff.


Quick in there with the pun Alberto, a fine job.



Oooh… node things are preeeeeetty! :smiley:


… i hope referenced models combined with expressions now work more reliable than in 6.5, too!


No more XSI Foundation: Really Bad Decision.

Other than that let’s see if it works as announced. If it does it will be good.


TIM BORGMANN ??? please confirm thats his art… and is that the splash screen???


Yes, that’s his splash screen.


This will be a turning point in the history of awesomeness.


wow this new version of xsi looks amazing. nodes are a good way to go. i dont know if taking foundation away was a good idea either.


the powerful crazy ice!!!


Indeed …i am so happy withe work they did in their particle systems/behaviour controls.

Can’t wait to get my hands on this…:bounce:



Have to say i’m giddy with excitement about ICE! Although, I have to say that moondust was a way better name for it :wink:

Other things that i’m liking;
-Mental Ray 3.6
-Compunding shaders

  • Scalable Sliders!
  • Colour management options!
  • panic button for my finicky license!

Worried about the death of foundation though, this might have to be the last upgrade of XSI i can afford.

As someone who’s been on the XSI hype-train for quite some time, i’m curious as to what non-XSIers think of ICE? Is it really as revolutionary as they make it sound (and does it make XSI stand out from max and maya) or is it just a little bit of Houdini within XSI?


I’m a maya user(recently xsi)… but i’m sur I’m gona love it !
ICE look very cool


Simply amazing! I cannot wait to get my hands on it!


i second that…


I am guessing there in no upgrade option yet …'cuase i can’t find the price tag for this anywhere in the XSI website…?!?


improved ogl tech sounds good…


The artist driven rigid bodies looks awesome. I so want this!