Softimage 2015 Last Release Announcement


Sure, i understand, you can do that in max also. But posting that video was not really about that example itself but more about the broader view of what you can do with ice in general and the functionality in general… Particle flow guys would drool over this imho (though im not exactly the biggest pflow expert out there, so i could be wrong)…

The example of those cilinders flying away is sadly NOT the best, but i thought ppl would see past that and actually look at the tools available here and how nicely its all designed and integrated in the package.

Was planning to donwload the modo demo to try it out, but its only a 15 day trial so im waiting until i have some more free time. 15 Days is not much…


by no way a replacement, but at least you guys can get LightWave for next to nothing now.

LightWave [size=2][/size]$495

edit: i can’t say too much but you might want to know there is some rewrite going on on the LightWave side


Is it going to be the CORE debacle again?


nope, the Core code was too tough actually, that’s why it fell.
they were aiming for an XSI / Maya killer… they aimed too high…

     when NT was working on Core i actually referred to SoftImage, with the transition to XSI.
     SoftImage barely made it through, remember? it almost became Ex-SI...
     a lot of people jumped to Maya because of that SoftImage>XSI crash...

some people jumped to XSI because of the Core crash…

   ...but like i said, LightWave is by no means a replacement, not by far, but it can serve an extra tool.
  some of you might like Modeler, some of you might not.
  some of you might like the Render engine, some of you might not.
  and yes, they are looking into the Modeler/Layout split problem. (at last...)

(and i’m constantly kicking their butt about it…)



that’s an amazing offer…just for the renderer side of things not forgetting lightwave is still knocking out great VFX for tv shows…$495 is so cheap!

if you’ve not looked at lightwave for a few years it now has some great capabilities for fast efficient work with small teams and it’s a robust app.



i also like this LightWave render, no animation, but still nice.

a fun fact about this render, No Post Work…!



for being a TV series i guess this one is alright…



Ok guys in the spirit of fairness,

most Autodesk competitors are offering now switching discounts.


How about a fundraising by graphic community to buy the Softimage from Autodesk
that is what people did when the save blender from going down.


are you nuts!
autodesk bought it to kill it as a competitor to maya…it’s not for sale…they’re currently digging a hole to put it in and then stamp down the ground and put a 1m thick capstone over it…

it’s gone.

pff…whats that?
that my friend is your image being deleted by a mod on the forum… :beer:



i’ll leave it at that.

wish i could get SoftImage for a cheap price btw, but doubt that’ll ever happen…



This is a dead man walking, nothing to do at this point. R.I.P.


CG news…yet …nothing to depict the demise on Softimage on the header images on top of the forum pages…

guess it’s no big deal really.
advertisers re writing history.


Has software news of any kind ever been on the header?


i always thought the images reflected the content of the forums…with features, news and art?


Yes, several times.


Yea man its a conspiracy maaaan! I was going to plug this thread but the big man from Autode$$$k showed up at my place and threatened me. It is a good thing we have fearless investigators like you cresshead, keep up the good work!


Sarcasm aside, its quite astounding that something as significant as the demise of a major DCC isn’t front page worthy. Any reason to keep it quiet?


Has software news of any kind ever been on the header?

One of major 3D programs killed and with a lot of history should be front page news.
Including the reaction of many users.

It seems it will be one more case of the Commissar Vanishes.


I agree, this should obviously be on the frontpage