Softimage 2015 Last Release Announcement




I would think if I was a corporate predator on the prowl I would look at acquiring Autodesk and extract value from it by breaking it up and selling off the underperforming assets.


At time of Softimage 2014 release:

“I think the future is exciting for Softimage…”


“I think the future is exciting for Softimage…”

Well this is the kind of thing that’s exiting for autodesk :slight_smile:


Hi, this is Panos from the Redshift team.

We’ve had several posts about this on our forums (some even before the actual announcement!) and we’d like to share some of our thoughts here, too.

Softimage was the first DCC we ever integrated Redshift with. It has been almost a year since we announced and during these last 12 months the XSI community has been nothing but incredibly supportive. We’re grateful for that!

While this is no doubt a bad day for Softimage users, I’d like to say that, as far as Redshift XSI is concerned, we’ll continue development on it for the foreseeable future. We’ve obviously done a lot of work on it and we’re not going to be throwing all that away overnight. Or abandoning the very same people that supported us all this time.

Redshift currently only supports XSI and Maya. We hope to add 3DSMax support before summer and have already started looking at other DCCs as well, such as Modo/Houdini/Cinema4D/etc.

One thing worth pointing out is that Redshift licenses work across DCCs. So if you’re an Redshift XSI user and you think you might be moving on to Maya or 3DSMax in the next 6-12 months, the same license will work there too. Same goes for any other DCCs we’ll be adding support for later this year.

Once again, we’d like to thank the Softimage community for their warm embrace.

Stay strong!



Wonderful words Panos.


not to derail this thread but what’s the ball park price for v1.0 of redshift?
(thinking of 3dsdmax version as i run that)


The underperforming assets? You mean the Autodesk management?



It’ll be $500 node-locked, $600 floating. There’ll also be some monthly (rental) and educational discount options too.

I agree that we should not derail this thread further, though, so if anyone else has any questions about that please send us an email to the address listed on our website and we’ll respond to you ASAP.




This was not called execution.
It was called retirement.

-Blade Runner

P.S.@abvfx - that video is really cool.


yep. When AD purchased XSI, did anyone really expect them to support three top 3D softwares?


Awesome and plus 1 for Modo.


Another developer that doesnt drop support, just for info :slight_smile:


I dug up an old article I wrote for Game Developer back in 2008 at the time of the acquisition. It’s seems I was a bit too optimistic. RIP to a great program :frowning:


I just have to wonder… was the plan from the very beginning?

I wonder if this was actually the plan from the very beginning when Autodesk bought Maya, but Autodesk then found they couldn’t kill Maya without every major studio hating them for life.


You are aware that CAT always was a pure 3ds Max plugin even when it was under the Softimage roof ? It was Max only from the beginning ( before it got bought by Softimage )


I am pretty convinced it was the plan at least after Marc Petit got out of autodesk M&E.
V 2012 was the last good release of Softimage and then they moved most Softimage developers to Maya.
Then Softimage had 2 or 3 managers in a short period, including the “future is exciting” one i posted


I’m really sad about all this, but honestly not too shocked. When AD bought SI, it was too suspicious to own 3 of the top 3d packages. When they later tried to market XSI as an add-on effects app when everyone knew XSI was a first-rate well rounded package, that’s when it became clear something was up.

To me it seems like they’re lately trying to make maya and 3dsmax equally as strong as each other, trading blows with each new release.

C4D and Houdini are great as well, possibly in opposite ways from each other. Yet I get the feeling most Maya users honestly would jump to 3dsmax if maya ended and most 3dsmax users would jump to maya if 3dsmax ended. They both seem more akin to each other than any of the other 3d apps. That was their goal all along though - you know, the viewcube :rolleyes: , etc.

Anyway, sad to see XSI on its way out…


To those who argue, that it was a logic buisness decision , i agree. But the point here is TRUST. When in each interview your representative say that Softimage has a bright futur , you are giving perspective to your customers you are taking a tacit agreement with them. Imagine a company like Weta with billions of proprietary code that gravitate around Maya that learn suddently that Maya is now OFF. So basically you have more than 15 years of custom code / pipe / TD routine etc … that you can throw to the trash. The other argument would be from a learning POV , imagine students that have invest 5 years in learning SI , or a senior artist that spend 15 years in front of it , this represent a huge amount of effort … those people are nothing less than your CUSTOMERS … (yeahh the gazoline of your companie …)

so they deserve a little consideration i guess :)

But here is how AD handle this.
- by [b]ultimatum[/b] : in one years 2016 it's over , yeahh sorry but we need to focus on some Maya innovation, and those of us who are big Maya users can enjoy those brillant inovation everyday  (such brillant that i move to houdini last year ... :) )
- by [b]closing outdoor [/b]. When apple kill shake they offer the possibility to buy source code for those who want to run the tools in house. But AD want to kill the horse and burry him definitly.
- by [b]forcing you to switch[/b] to an other AD app. Hey guys after enjoying camera mapping in softimage , we offer you the incredible opportunity to camap in Maya ... this is hilarious , i can already see , with a big demoniac smile a SI users trying to learn camap or modeling in maya ... and i don't even talk about the hypershade and rendering part.

This is a really evil way of managing things , and they will pay for such intellectual mediocrity ... in the coming years !


What you’re referring to in the business / economics world is called “goodwill”…

It’s basically a term to describe how much business you generate through relationships and trust you have developed with your clients…

Autodesk M&E pretty much have 0 goodwill now i have no idea how they thought this would be a good idea…

No one will believe a word they say anything no one is going to want to make any large long term investments into their tools when they do shit like this…