Softimage 2015 Last Release Announcement


snagit the little brother of camtasia


There is already over 500 posts made at sidefx’s SI Users subforum in a week , wich is quite something for a sidefx forum.

So there is some positive action happenening in Houdini camp.

If guys at sidefx will play smart, they can make some serious damage to autodesk in next years (atleast to entertainment section).


Houdini does have what it take, platform wise. Whats important is for other developer to chip in, by developing plug-ins and what not. I know Houdini already made a shop containing SOP (?) and stuff, but now they need other capabilities too to branch out of the usual VFX market.


After Autodesk announcement I took upon myself to put together a Softimage transition guide to Houdini in my little spare time to help the Softimage community to move forward rather than backwards.

If you have been following you may want to skip the rest of my post, otherwise i will encourage you to have a look, it is becoming actually close than I expected in many areas and the whole search is proving very interesting.

The PDFs are free to download but be aware I keep updating many of these all the time fixing things so I will encourage you to follow the thread.

Once the first block is finished I will bundle it in one big chapter and move on to the next.

Of course if you intend to use the material to teach I would love to know, if you are planning to hang it in your own website I will love to hear from you and know more about it (I am easy so its extremely possible i will be happy but ask first please) and if you are planning to make money out of them I will most definitely will want some of it too.




looks like AD will be talking about something special next tuesday


Isn’t next Tuesday / Wednesday the launch date of GDC 2014?


Yes GDC is running from March 17th - 21st
With the Expo running from March 19th - 21st


Looks like they bought face ware, that actually might have some appeal to me after a week of black box hell that is Face Robot. It can produce amazing work… but is too handcuffed by it trying to do every thing for you…

I still maintain there is a right way to do this retirement… four years… KEEP THE SAME TEAM… they were doing great with little money… then when we feel Maya is ready we might make the move. I hope they fix the right places … but recent comments from a Luc Eric made me the two things that make soft special might never make the light of day in mayav "Likely never bee in a 3d application again, The non linear character workflow and softs pass/partition/overides management system which have set it apart from the rest of the pack since day one for us.

I really don’t think they understood how the market soft in the suite… it should have been the finishing package of 3D… the fracking Flame of 3d…create and move your polys anywhere you want… but send scenes to Softimage for all things effects and rendering… that’s will be doing for some years to come even if we move to maya for animation. Autodesk still has a chance to turn this around… they most likely won’t… but frankly they still have a chance to make some money off it…can you say that about project skyline or Toxic?? I think changing their minds would be the best PR move they ever made… they would not look like they have egg on their face…they will look caring and maybe even a bit enlightened on what an amazing package they got in soft…

I’m sure this is wasting my time but I got a try to at least shift the lens a little bit more in my favor.


Face Robot is pretty impressive, if maybe they spent some more Dev time on it over the years, they could have opened it up a bit more and made it less restrictive. ICE Modeling and ICE Kinematics both could have also seen more work - it seems like they have great ideas, but once released they drop the ball by not making it as awesome as it could be.

That is not good news at all about the non-linear workflow and passes/partitions/overrides - those are pretty paramount and I hope they change their minds about that.

You are right, they are in a good spot to change their minds and make them look really good too while also pleasing their customers…we can only hope. I think another good idea might be if they were going to do this, is to cancel the Stand Alone version of Softimage and make it in the Suites only, while doing that, bump everyone on Subs for Softimage to a base Suite of Max or Maya. Then keep the same Devs that we have now to work on it decently (bug fixes, small addons - nothing ground breaking or too major) for the next 2+ years, and then let it ride in the Suites…let us make the change on our own, in our own time. This would also be beneficial to the 3rd party developers. They could take the same approach for Softimage as they do with Composite…


RIP Softimage: Autodesk responds to user reactions

Autodesk’s Maurice Patel says the company is doing everything possible to make the transition as painless as possible for users.

As to why Softimage was chosen for retirement, there were many reasons including minimising the impact of change on the overall animation industry and our own R&D assessment of what would enable us to bring new innovative technologies like Bifrost and virtual production (performance capture) to market faster.

"The transition plan is multi-faceted to take into account many different scenarios based on customer type; and while, unfortunately, we cannot build individual plans for every single customer we have a lot of flexibility in terms of how customers can handle the transition and in the choices they can make. We have designed this flexibility to try and make the transition easy for customers.

"For example, only a small proportion of our Softimage customers are actually current on the Softimage software. Many are using older versions. These customers will be able to continue to do so in perpetuity. Given that they are productive using older versions of the software, this decision should not significantly impact that productivity. For customers who have built their production capacity around staying current with our releases there are several options including locking their pipelines on Softimage 2015 indefinitely or transitioning to a Maya or 3ds Max pipeline.

“We understand that this is a very difficult time for Softimage users. In many regards the 3D animation industry has been very stable for a relatively long time, in part due to the significant investment Autodesk has made in keeping it so. But historically, the introduction of Maya and of XSI were disruptive events requiring retraining and adaptation and it is unlikely these will be the last. There is a lot of great technology being developed by Autodesk, and by other companies, that will continue to change and reshape the industry.”


This link is perhaps more in-depth, and the “comment section” is also important to read. This was a bad move by Autodesk, and should be a signal to a lot of AD’s customers, regardless of what product they use.


Yesterday on the London Houdini User Group there were more Softimage users than Houdini users… that tells me something really powerful.

Really really really unwise move.


Yes, I think they unknowingly created more competition by this move. Some might migrate, but others will look elsewhere for sure, and Houdini is definitely a great alternative.

It is very disappointing as Autodesk just released their 2014 Media and Entertainment Show Reel for 2014, which shows the best and most innovative work using Maya, Max and Softimage. We are a 2-man team and we actually made the Reel with our mobile game, Blaster X HD for iPad. It is quite an honor to be listed with some of the best in the industry, and it is a shame that they don’t continue with Softimage - our game was created entirely using Soft. and I can’t think of ever being able to accomplish it with any other software.

Show Reel


FWIW, The Foundry’s Community Forums have recently seen a surge of Softimage users giving Modo a go. I must say that Modo+Houdini do make a nice combination, although it’s not all roses and unicorns either.
Interesting times, in any case.


Sure, after all the bad rep AD does what it always does. Talk is cheap. Their actions in the last years paint a very different picture.

You know, I have nothing against their products, but lately I’ve been thinking the universe would be a better place without AD as a company in it. A real shame they own those products.


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