Softimage 2015 Last Release Announcement


Agreed. There is very little reason for a major CG website not to and it is strange that they wouldn’t.


agreed, put it up :wip:

Killing Softimage is an amazing waste of a great package, and a lot of good work.


Message for Autodesk :
I will still using softimage in the next five years, after that maybe move to another software … any software but without the untrusted Autodesk company … who is known what will happen in the future … after we move to maya or 3ds max which one will kill.

ok … if we forcing to use maya or 3ds max for (no additional cost) option, autodesk must transfer a lot of the great options from softimage to maya or 3ds max such as :

  • ICE system
  • real scene explorer
  • opening a multi animation editor and explorer and and and …
  • activating a viewport without needing to click on it
  • viewport performance
  • model system (emdl) instead of the stupid asset system in maya
  • animation editor options
  • texture editor options
  • weight map
  • smart Render tree
    and more more more … i can’t remember any thing now …


What I always love about CGSociety is how moderators and staff take criticism. :surprised

Well, at the least we have MaxUnderground and FXGuide featuring at their home pages.

FXGuide - Remembering Softimage

MaxUnderground - Softimage Discountinuation

As for the softimage itself … I can’t help but continue sharing this quote from Mark Schoennagel:

Reflecting on all that I’m not even sure how to put those years of product and technology development into perspective. Last year I saw Whiskey Tree in San Rafael using Softimage to create single scenes for the film Elysium with over 3,000,000,000,000 polygons!!! (that’s Trillllllion, not billion, not million but T-Trrillllionnn).

Got to love have a trillion poly scene. Will try that someday in the future. :thumbsup:


ADSK stated that they are not selling XSI because of all the IP that they have put into it. I cannot recall any big changes to XSI since ADSK bought it that I can tell make it behave in any way like Maya or 3DS.

Can anyone think of any valuable IP that ADSK would be selling?


Is this real?

I watched this video several times, dont get it :hmm:

not sure if this has already been posted


I just watched some of the ICE videos that have been posted here and elsewhere, and as a max user I can only say that I’ve totally missed how awesome it is… wow.

I can only hope ADSK considers porting it to Maya/Max (both please) so it’s easier for SI users to switch. I am quite sure though that this isn’t going to happen, we all know how this company and their understanding of ‘innovation’.


That’s the problem: You can’t just port this and bolt it onto a different platform, as it was so tightly integrated throughout the whole application.

This is what leaves me puzzled most with regards to the whole clusterfark: Why didn’t ADSK first come up with an alternative (which is not owned by a different company - such as for example sideFX) before cutting Softimage off? Without virtually anything comparable inhouse, this probably has to be the best incentive to take your money elsewhere. Maybe they’re really confident about the Bifröst implementation?


Probably because Maya’s architecture is so outdated now it would be impossible to implement with core code going back to 94.


Oh come on… It is more than obvious from the facial expression of the guy that someone is pointing a loaded rifle right in his face from behind the camera. :wink:


Yeah, he really looks like feeling lousy. Who is supposed to buy this (the video and the software)? It’s almost like a persiflage of apple product announcements. Why do the even bother to promote it?

Was really sorry to hear about XSI. This was the only 3D software that ever appealed to me besides Cinema4D. I was really jealous of ICE. But I guess some of us have to thank Autodesk - Mootzoid seems to develop plugins for Cinema4D now :slight_smile:


Whichever software Eric decides to port his plugins is in for a hell of a good time. He’s good, the plugins are stable and great and his documentation and video tutorials are top notch.

I also think he should diversify. Port to Cinema 4D and than maybe Modo (when they improve the dynamics side of things) and he’ll have access to a supportive and larger user base. Go Eric.


What do you mean with “architecture”? What exactly is it that you consider outdated?


When I read this, and it’s been a lot recently, I’m reminded of this discussion from Luc-Eric—

From a Softimage Lead Developer

"Softimage isn’t really the Superior application, each of the three apps have different sets of compromises. It’s different, and I would say a smaller world; you have to be happy with what’s in the box to do everything you need. Whatever app you start with, you accept those compromise and they become your vision of the world.

Some of these compromises have crippled its ability to gain significant traction. For example, being built on 1990s windows API that are now legacy, and having no SDK strategy from day 1. There would need to be years of re-write just to get it on track, it’s something that’s deeply ingrained in what defines the product. While you would do this catch-up, the world would not be staying still."

I think what I would have done if he was talking about Maya, would I have started looking then?

Yup! Not that I don’t have sympathy, for my fellow artists, I do feel for them, and how this must suck. But based on this one post, if you believe the lead dev of Soft, this looks like a business decision, that makes sense.


He was talking about Max.


Softimage as we know it was rewritten fromthe ground up in 2001. Here is an CGW article on the subject:

That development was sponsored by AVID after they bought the company from Microsoft.


Softimage XSI “as you know it” was written starting in 1997 and first released in May 2000.


And it was coded named Sumatra.


that would have been nice, but no.


For those of you wondering why AD doesn’t just sell Soft, one word: Adobe.

AD snapped up XSI to keep Adobe out of the high-end 3D market - no way in hell they’d give Adobe the chance to acquire a package that’d compete directly with Max/Maya.

Better (for them) to let it die and toss the patents on a very large pile.

RIP Soft.