softening vertex maps


Is there a way to blur a vertex map? I usually use weight lifter, but wondering if theres something in mocca that can do this that i’ve overlooked.

R10 studio


smooth mode would be what your probably looking for if you mean the new weight system, if you mean vertex maps as in the old classic vertex maps, you’d still need something like weightlifter or the tag managers blur/curve tool. not sure if either is r10 supported yet ;/

the brush modeling tool also has some abilities for blurring and such too, but its a hunk of junk imo.


You could also smooth the Vertexmaps with the smooth function of the brush tool, if I remember right. Edit: just read Kai said the same–
But Tag-manager is the way to go if you want to blur VMaps.

Joint-Weights do lack a similar tool, but as i was taught today, one can select points and restrict the smoothing brush to these points, when having 2 or more joints active-- this works in most cases nicely (though i still prefer to have an additional a slider & curvebased smoothing like in tag-manager).



Thanks much kai–just wondering.

Yeah–Im painting vertex maps as a quick means for setting up alpha channel masks using vertex shader (not character related here).

Edit–and thanks olli as well–Starting to use R10 and I think its time to try new (corretc/better) ways of doing things. Have a lot of bad habits.


Tag manager seems to work under r10 (at least the blurring of Vmaps works).



hopefully a blur/curve function will ind its way into the weight manager, thats a big request of mine for the future.


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