Soften Edges Shaders...?


I regularly need to soften hard edges on imported objects. I already have Biomekk Soft Edge shader, which, in perfect conditions does an okay job. But it’s mostly inconsistent, and ALWAYS extremely slow to render. So, the question is, have there been any new shaders within R18 or R19 (I’m on R17) which do that? Or, any tricks with existing native shaders to achieve the same effect?



Hi. Correct me if I’m wrong but only Vray has an option with that kind of feature.
The workaround I read/watch somewhere is that to generate an alpha on the edges. Something like this

Have the alpha plug-in the bump/normal/displacement channel and have a negative intensity. And there you will have a pseudo soften edges.


Yeah, I’m aware of the feature within V-Ray - not that I have, nor use V-Ray. That, and obviously, the Biomekk plugin which I’m already using.
I think I’ve seen that video before, and mostly it centers around the idea of distressing the edges - which is not what I’m after. But I’ll still see if I can glean something which I might be able to employ.



Corona has a Round Edge Shader too. :slight_smile:

It (kinda) works with an inverted AO shader in the bump channel, seems to require relatively high settings for the AO though, not sure if its worth the impact on render time. Doesn’t look as good as normal based shaders either (see image).
The bevel deformer doesn’t work? It gave me surprisingly good results with almost everything so far.


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I wish I could use the bevel deformer. But I have to deal with complex imported .OBJ files from CAD. Simply no way. That’s why I need some form of shader / material solution. That is, one which performs better than Biomekk’s plug.


Octane has a round edges option as well…is kinda a life saver when importing meshes that wont work with the bevel tool as they create a mess.


RedShift has it also. A similar effect can be imitated using sketch&toon.


I suspect the reason the OP needs the shader (heavy, complex, suboptimal geometry) is precisely the reason they don’t fancy using S&T to fix the problem. +1 for the RS round corners shader though, I use it every day!


Only “EdgeShade” done the job well for native cinema, without additional render plugins.

Have a look here:

Havn´t seen that you know the plugin.