Softbody Deformer


Hey Hello guys :slight_smile:
How could I get softbody collision without simulation in Maya!!
Thank you!


The result of that video can be achieved with either a lattice or with a bunch of sculpt deformers.

You can also use the cMuscle multi collision deformer for some simple non-simulated volume preserving collisions, bare in mind that this deformer is really heavy and will slow your scene down if you run it on anything too high.


Thanks for quick reply Stefan!!
Big FAN of your work.
I need that kinda of softbody collision without simulation in maya
I already used iCollide(Brave Rabbit),stretchmesh collision but not working like that reference.
and ncloth sim is great but in my animation pipeline not suitable simulation method.
I just want that level of quality without simulation in Maya.
You said that “cMuscle multi collision deformer”
yup that’s really slow performance.
Any best Idea for the character animation pipeline?


I would go for the sculpt deformer, it works well for this thing.
Just one thing make sure to have non penetrating objects, make a boolean on the spheres it tends to work better that way.


Thanks for sharing file.
I would be very thankful if you share sculpt deformer setting or short tutorial.
It’s great working but need more stretch & squash like reference video.


what is your practical case?
here you have the base motion/colliding thing then you can add secondary motion if you want a cartoony effect.
You can add for example a squash deformer on top of your first motion and animates it where you need.


I have softbody collision animation there cartoony character swallow the whole burger(spongy polygon)
Spongy Polygon{Where I used spline ik joint with dynamic hair system}
Now I got it. Thanks for letting me know.
Thanks guys for helping me. :slight_smile:


Hey Guys I got one script from github related to MayaPushDeformer. The guy did not respond how to add this deformer to another polygon objects. Hope you guys findout.
I’m going to share that script which is really great.
Maya 2017 version
Script Download Link