softbody clothing


Im having a big problem with my attempt to make soft body clothing.

Ive made my pants a soft body, with the goal bound to the skeleton. Now the problem i have is the soft body penetrating the geometry of the body.

Ive tried setting up collisions with passive rigid body, to push my soft body pants away from the areas where its penetrating, but this doesnt seem to work very well. The passive rigid bodys do their job until, they get moved. In which case they let the softbody penetrate through the passive rigid body.

Now we dont have maya cloth on the computers at school so does any one have any sugestions or a link to a tutorial on how to set up cloth?



boenos dias amigo

do these hope it be usefull

1>make 2 cylinder with open caps (nurbs or poly) around each legs and may be spheres for hip

then when thay are selected make them collid in particle menu go >windows>ralationship editor>dynamic re…

select particle of soft body in left and in colisions select all of them (u maked legs of ur character as a goal befor)

>u need some change of goal weight such as a gradient from top to down in componenet editor …

>it will works well but i preffer to asign e jiggle deformer and pain its weight…

ooff …i am sur u whant to kill me with a bazoka …!! sory for my english

adios chico


thanx samysuns.

I tried it again, with new geometry for the collison, and its atleast colliding this time but theres still some thing wrong.

Im guessing my previous attempt didnt work because the passive rigid body geometry was warping (because it was a duplicate of my weighted geometrys faces?)

But now whats happening is the collison occures fine once, but when i rewind and play it again, the collison doesnt happen again. The odd thing is when i disconect the collison event it sometimes still colides !?

*oh and i didnt make my body the goal, i duplicated the pants and bound those to the skin and that was my goal.

this sure isnt as easy as i though it was going to be :slight_smile:

btw. ur english isnt that bad samysuns, i understood what u meant.


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