Soft to Revit


Hey guys!

This is my first post so I’m sorry if something is wrong.

I’m currently doing a university project and I’m wondering if its possible to model something in Soft and send it to Revit. I freaking loath Revit and hate the modelling in this program. :banghead:



Well you have to check what kind of files Revit imports. Then if is just the model or you want also texture/materials.

Basically Softimage exports OBJ , IGES-Nurbs based format if you modelled in Nurbs in Softimage and don’t want to convert to polys and FBX. I think the last version also exports Alembic. There are also plugins(addoons in softimage) made by people that can export. But you’ll have to find and download them.

Edit: it seems that Sketchup can be read by Revit so export in Obj or FBX open in Freeware Sketchup and save in its file format. That should work.


awesome thanks for the relpy, ill check it out now


Hi Bullit

Thanks alot for you help, I downloaded SketchUp with a addon to import OBJ’s and now I can export it to Revit and everything is working 100%, I just need to figure out how to size my stuff in Soft so it actually has working mesurments in Revit. :bowdown:


Great, glad it helped.