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Hello again - :stuck_out_tongue:

I am creating my first interior scene - of a bathroom. Right now, I am modeling the sink. Which I am hoping looks something like the first attached photo.

I am trying to create the sink dent by using soft selection. Is this possible with the loft I have created? I dont see any vertices or the dots on the top of the counter… how can I fix this? (the second image is a screen shot of my wire)… The second image … the red elipse is drawn in with PS … I want the sink there. :stuck_out_tongue:



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There are no vertices on the top of the loft. Right now it’s working like a simple extrusion. The easiest way to add the neccesary verts would be to Deform Scale the top of the sink to 0%. That would make the profile converge to one point (the path) giving you the polys you need.


Hey digitalputty, I think you’re going about it the wrong way. All you would really need would be something like this:

Just start with a box and edit from there. To get the sharp edges along the sides you can extrude the whole top and bottom slightly.

cheers, CML


Rivendale -

Sadly, we have not learned how to do that yet. So, how did you go about making it? If you could tell me how to make the first shape in the picture… I will be ok from there. :shrug:

Q’ba -

I will try this out if I cannot figure out how to do what Rivendale said. … :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey. Yes, Rivendale is absolutely right. What you have now is a bazillion sided polygon on the top (compare to the 4-sided (quad) polygons on the front side). Things like that generally give a terrible mesh :slight_smile:

I just finished dowloading Camtasia studio (30 day evaluation) and I wanted to take it for a ride, so why not help someone in the process? I made a very quick video of how to model it… or at least something that looks similar.
I also included how to make renderable isolines for those interested. :shrug:

     Seems it's your lucky day :)
 [b]    Movie:[/b]
   Realtime, 10 fps.
     Length: 6m21s
     Size: 15 MB
     Codec: Techsmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC), get it [here](

Also look up the ‘Theoretical Sub-D’ thread in the 3ds max resources sub-forum. Lots of good info, basically on how to model stuff like this.
But keep in mind that how closer edges are together, the sharper a corner will be when you apply meshsmooth. And always use quads whenever possible! They will give the best results.

    Good luck. 
    - Rens


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I am definatly going to try this out! YIPPY! :slight_smile: *hugs Rens Heeren
That looks like a nice program! You should make more tuts! :slight_smile:


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