soft edge on nCloth constraints


Does anybody know if it’s possible to constrain an nCloth object to another non-cloth object but have the geometry look seamless with soft edges? Basically I am trying to set up a character with just the bottom of the pants being ncloth and the top skinned but the pants are a solid color and this crease would be noticeable I think. Any ideas?


you can paint the strength of a constraint to have falloff.
select the constraint and the surface its constraining…
constraints->paint blahBlah



Hmm… the only thing that seems to do for me is cause the cloth object to droop down below the one its constrained to. What I’m looking for is a way to smooth the edge there as if I used soften edge. Maybe painting the rigidity? Although that doesn’t seem to be working either…


create only the area the you want to make as cloth and wrap your pants on the cloth. so in that case. youll only sim the bottom part. and the top part is bind.

hope it helps.


Thanks for the tip. I never used wraps before so I will have to experiment… Would it be the cloth wrapping the pants though?


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