Society Sessions?


Ok…you knew this was going to be asked…is there going to be new Society Sessions? It’d be great if there was…How about we start throwing ideas out or just say AYE if you want one to happen.:buttrock:


i think enough time has passed since we had a session right? :slight_smile:


Oh you punk:p Start it up…my time is free at the end of the week:D


Does nobody else want to get sessions going? Man I hope that’s not the case…I really really want another one soon.


Me me me!! :beer:


Ok… lets pretend I know what you’re all talking about!..

someone fill me in!:thumbsup:


there’ll be entries once we plug it on the frontpage.

brainstorm some ideas here , I want this one to be fun. What topic would you guys like to see in this one?



Character trying to catch or swat a bug.[/b]

Character thinking they’re going to sneeze and then doesn’t, and then finally does

Character scaring another

Character sitting or standing waiting for something to happen

Climbing character

Character swimming

Circus type setting accident

A character needs to use the restroom but can’t

just a few suggestions that we could use or maybe you have others. I will get ahold of sheep and see if he would like to get it started or if it would be ok if you take care of it.


I like the sound of those ones :slight_smile:

or how about these:

[b]Character sneaking around and getting caught

Character who thinks he’s alone only to realise he’s being watched

Character jumping on a trampoline

Character choking his lunch to be saved by another character


those are all good animation exercises but not necessarily good session topics. Session theme needs to be something everyone can interpret their own way rather than constraining like “character doing this”.

I kinda like the idea of “the circus” , how about “The circus auditions” there is room for some funny or serious stuff in there :slight_smile:


I up for that, I can get my trampoline in their after all :smiley:


Sounds like a plan!!!..some of my suggestions were exercises…I will think in terms of interpretation next time:)


Hey Sheep…good to see you seem back :wink: Now I won’t have to start a session on my own! :smiley:

I’m definitely in though.

Here are some ideas:

-The Roommate (a short clip of dialogue is found from a movie or something, and everyone must animate 2 characters interacting to the clip…preferably a clip of 2 roommates arguing or something)

-Reverse Foley (we are all given a random sound clip…maybe a bunch of stuff crashing…and we must animated some characters to the clip…in other words, we are given sound effects and then must create a scene…as opposed to doing the opposite)

-Rollerskating (a character must be animated in some fashion…the only catch is, he must be wearing roller skates—a good practice in weighting)



Hi bingo. Hi.


I’ll do anything… except a horse, I need a break from animating a horse… lol

My suggestion would be to do a bouncing ball skit. Quick summary, ball comes in a scene and it’s up to you on how your character reacts to it, then tosses it off screen. If you put everyones animation together it’ll look like they’re passing the ball to one another.


I’m in the same boat, but mine happens to be an eagle at the moment:)


so the next session will be about an eagle riding a horse. :slight_smile:


Sweet…better than a horse riding an eagle I guess:banghead: :stuck_out_tongue:


To quote Seinfeld:

“Let’s start the insanity!”


starting tonight…